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  1. I kinda disappeared ;-; 

    Senior year starts on Tuesday and I already know how much I have to do, and it's a LOT. I'll try to visit here as often as I can but I can't guarantee it will be much. I'm sorry ;-; I have other places I'm on more often if you want to contact me there.

  2. game Say something about the user above you~

    Thank you, Nene! You are so kindhearted and try to help everyone the best you can. You are such a joy to talk to and I am happy I can call you my friend.
  3. game Say something about the user above you~

    Awww thank you so much! You as well! Feel free to message me any time~
  4. Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends on BBase! 


    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. May you celebrate it with your loved ones!

    1. cyphersatoori


      Thank you so much, Nene! jimin9:


    1. cyphersatoori


      Thank you so much!!! :jin1:

  6. happy birthday! 

  7. happy birthday!

  8. Tattoos

    Thank you so so much! And yes, it did hurt, but it wasn't unbearable, I was able to get through it just fine! ^.^
  9. #ARMYdaily

    Thank you so much!!!! And aaaa I love your outfits so much! You look so pretty!
  10. I've been seeing a lot of stuff around on Facebook and YouTube lately about BTS songs people are the most underrated and not really spoken of anymore. So I was wondering what you all find to be the most underrated Bangtan songs? I'm curious
  11. Dump Thread

    This might be kind of long, I'll try to keep it as simplified as possible. Does anyone who's already been to college/university or who is in it right now have advice for me? I really need it. Here goes:
  12. Tattoos

    It's so beautiful! I love it so much!!! ^.^
  13. Wish me luck, everyone! I'm writing a ton of essays for college scholarships right now and could use all the luck I can get right now. My Bangtan playlist is powering me through it all, to be honest :')

  14. game Two Truths and a Lie

    It really is! Nope, that's actually true, as well! I do own every BTS album except YNWA. I own every version of every album (like all the different colors of In the Mood for Love) and the Day and Night Versions of Young Forever along with the first albums they ever had. I got them for my birthday and Christmas...albums are expensive It's the 3rd one, for the past year and 6 months I've been getting testosterone shots and I get them weekly, and I still freak out every time I get them even though it's just a routine and normal for me now, I still get scared haha