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  1. BTS Schedule - 2017

    Updated. Tours are comming!!!
  2. teaser BTS '봄날 (Spring Day)' MV Teaser

    Sign me up to that Book Club!

    Views always freeze. It takes youtube time to verify views, and that is why when videos get lot of views, the video views are freezing. Then there is a sudden big update, and freeze again etc... This is quite common on the first day of the release of videos.
  4. BTS Schedule - 2017

    Sorry for the late update
  5. HipHop/Rap before BTS?

    Some links then. To me the lyrics is really important when it comes to music from my country. So some recs from various genres.
  6. HipHop/Rap before BTS?

    Firstly I have to start with English not being my first language. And that mostly I listened music from my country, Hungary. It mostly dominated my music library. When I was first introduced to hiphop, it was the cringy version of my countries musicians attemtp at it, often with lame lyrics. So I did not have much of an opinion of it. However there was a few with witty lyrics and interesting topics that did caught my attention, and I did really like them. In Hungary, as far alternative, underground, etc band goes there are a lot with interesting, unique music, so my interest was mostly focused on them, and thus the genres they represented. Recently I feel like there are more authentic ones, so I have a growing interest in hipphop in my country for a few years now. It happened around as I was discovering BTS as well, in that time I also had a lot of interest in Show Me The Money and the k-hiphop scene. Somehow the two happening around the same time strengthened my interest in the genre a lot. Out of the American ones I only used to listen some of the mainstream ones that were also played in the radio here. But I didn't bother check out the genre further. However recently I do that too. I also started to check out German, French etc... artists too. And as far as sound. Since I always liked a lot of different type of genres, as long as I think it is good I will like it. My recent favourite song right now:
  7. Official Hwarang Thread [Updated with Episodes]

    Well that is a bummer. But LeTV already paid for Hwarang anyway. And now people who paid membership for the ability to watching the dramma are asking for refund. So the owners of the drama already got their money. It is LeTV that will suffer a huge financial loss due to it, since they paid a lot for a drama they now won't air. As for the cast, it will result in loosing a chance for bigger exposure. Well there are other countries out there as well. Hope it will be sold for other ones though .Actually in my country all the Korean dramas that were bought and broadcasted were saeguks. (based on my knowledge so far). So fingers crossed for Hwarang.
  8. List of translation sites with netizen comments

    Thank you. Added it to the list. Sorry for being so slow
  9. #GoDeluluOrGoHome from A-Z

    I understand! My delulu wishes: Suga being a Radio DJ An album fully composed and written by BTS ARMY staying as fans even if some of BTS would openly date Jin buying a house (he wished for this) Sugakookie Skewed by Skewers restaurant Seeing mini Bangtan with their sons
  10. #GoDeluluOrGoHome from A-Z

    YAY!!! BTW what do you mean J-Hope owning a studio one day? Because he has one like Suga, RM and Jungkook it is called Hope World.
  11. General BTS Music discussion

    Move always makes me so emotional, too. It is among my favourites.
  12. Last Letter ( Song Title )

    Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
  13. The list also includes David Bowie, Beyoncé, and Justin Bieber K-Pop reigned supreme on this year’s list of top trending musical artists on Twitter, with hot throb boy band Exo nabbing first place and Jimin taking second. Following the Korean music sensations was none other than his royal Purpleness, Prince at #3, whose untimely death sent the world into mourning both on and offline. This trend was reflected with David Bowie, who trended at #5; the rock legend died after a long bout with cancer just two days after dropping his 25th and final album, Blackstar on his 69th birthday. Between Prince and Bowie in the fourth slot was the enfant terrible of the music world, face tattoo enthusiast and Instagram decrier Justin Bieber, no doubt buoyed by his loyal Beliebers and a year filled with social media drama, while the teenage dreams of One Direction clocked in at #6, most likely due to their decision to pursue solo careers much to the distress of Directioners everywhere. Trailing One Direction was K-Pop star BamBam at #7, while Beyoncé took #8 thanks to a year that included a surprise visual album drop, a controversial Super Bowl performance fueled by Cheetos, a world tour, multiple awards show performances, and of course, the online power of the notorious BeyHive. Closing out the top 10 was rapper Jin at #9 and K-Pop phenomenon Jungkook. See the full rundown below: Top Trending Artists 1. #Exo 2. #Jimin 3. #Prince 4. #JustinBieber 5. #DavidBowie 6. #OneDirection 7. #Bambam 8. #Beyonce 9. #Jin 10. #Jungkook source: time Anticipate his mixtape!