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  1. omfg ryuseralover is shaking in his boots (he's a slightly popular fanboy on youtube who makes kpop mashups that are amazing. including a lot of BTS ones- you should check him out) that said, im not sure i like this remix/mashup (i bet ryu will make a mashup of this lol)
  2. that has been upgraded to this now If thats not a representation of jin haphazardly cutting his own hair, idk what it is
  3. yooo jiiiiin. thats like... gimme the money if you dont want it is this like the weirdest version of those stripper AUs or what?
  4. i'm so confused by all the replies to that tweet. they're all replying tons of pictures of jimin???
  5. Ayyy is this about the Forth worth concert tomorrow? If so, i hope y'all get to try this
  6. i think oakland made an attempt at treating him ^^ (Also supposedly there was a jet flying a birthday banner???)
  7. aw man, they zoomed out/shot away during the jumps in the chorus
  8. omg, do you also live in the bay area?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Maphisto40


      Unfortunately no, my health does not permit me to do stuff like that. So, I just live vicariously through everyone else. :P

    3. sungel


      aw, yeah im too broke & i live vicarously through fancams. idk if you saw any of the several RM birthday projects but i feel like tonight may be a little wild xD

    4. Maphisto40


      All I've seen so far is a bunch of people in the pit wearing party hats. I can't wait to see fancams later.

  9. That's the closest I'll ever get to BTS lol. They're a 1hr Bart ride away from me now \o/
  10. also the other really funny thing- BTS talk to each other obvsly; did no one expect them to tell each other what was going on? lol
  11. lol so for the past 4 days when bts was doing Vlives after the LA concerts, armies were pranking the members in the chat saying something was behind them well suga got revenge lol If suga does a vlive, do you think pple will attempt to trick him? lmfao Ok yep, sure enough they tried to prank him and he called them out on it, lmfao
  12. omg jimin had a fan with him... did he have it in other performances???