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  1. New alternate timeline that I REEEALLY like. (read for the entire thread) note spoilers from "Save Me" webtoon & all the MVs ofc tldr:
  2. so LY Hong Kong popped up & here's a compilation of people freaking out cause his tattoo is still there
  3. Sliiiight note. so apparently Line has a Fast Pass & people who purchased it can read chapters earlier. i dont mind it and won't stop anyone from that, but others might so if you do, please keep any spoilers inside a spoiler box, ty!
  4. as long as jimin never goes by or else it'll trigger his trauma and yet somehow he was able to get on a little scooter. what?!? - also real talk- and what kinda hospital lets their patients walk around all willy nilly like that jimin technically would have no problem escaping lol and also a little theory about taehyung
  5. "BTS Universe Webtoon Special Exhibition at Line Friends Store Times Square [190315]" https://btsdiary.com/2019/03/15/info-bts-universe-webtoon-special-exhibition-at-line-friends-store-times-square-190315/ BTS Universe Webtoon Special Exhibition will be on view from March 15 to April 18th at Line Friends Store Times Square. Credits : BTSNewYorkCity If anyone goes... please share your pics TT_TT Note: Is this supposed to be in the CF section or SNS section instead of news? If so, feel free to move?
  6. Ep 10 is up! https://www.webtoons.com/en/drama/bts-save-me/ep10/viewer?title_no=1514&episode_no=11 And apparently ep 11 is up for those who paid for it? I didn't, so here's a tweet about it instead. Browse for spoilers at your own risk
  7. A compilation of the official information regarding their comeback album "Map of the Soul: Persona". More info to come as it's updated. ^Tweet also contains translations about the photocards and all that jazz Links: TBA (Bonus: everyone's so theory obsessed that mnet themselves decided to tweet theories) asdf
  8. This is mildly terrifying Imagine BTS singing about taxes... :SCREECHES: the other frightening thing about this is the grammar error & the ellipsis creating this anxiety lol
  9. Cool! Is the other one still going to be active?
  10. New favorite yoongi Me =
  11. ok so all the replies are commenting on the namjoon hyung part... but no one is commenting on the fact that he drew koya eating shooky (and shooky's friends)
  12. sungel

    Smol Yoongi™

    I can't wait to see what BTS, esp yoonmin, look like next to TXT (who are all younger...) (here's an edit for now. poor yoongles)
  13. aha! so they were in the same hospital... im not gonna bother piecing together the timeline myself at this point cause ... GLAD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE also is anyone finding jimin's artistic appearance kinda off? or maybe IRL jimin is hard to draw in a stylized manhwa? but then namjoon & hoseok have non-manhwa easy-to-transfer appearances either, but they are captured perfectly fine [to me]. i'm not saying theyre ugly- just that they may be hard to draw from 3D to 2D compared to the rest of the members? also also, im guessing that they dont have 24/7 hair stylists in this webtoon. someone give me yoongi's permanently pink hair powers and how it manages to stay so flawless