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  1. I think i had the same problem as you (see above^) and also have a macbook & use chrome mostly. i tried the incognito for a while but it suddenly stopped working again today. another "trick" was manually entering it via html coding, but i suddenly stopped having access to html editor today as well?
  2. idk if y'all know, but K/DA "POP/STARS" is really popular right now and someone made a fanart of Jhope in it :O https://twitter.com/fleouriarts/status/1061335387665285121 (btw how come my links aren't embedding anymore? /cant access html editor)
  3. @jjangyi i think you already gave us the answers xD A) Everyboy say Lalalalala B) I wanna big house, big cars & big rings
  4. probably namjoon - if you were a bighit/bts staff, which job would you want to be? (i.e. choreographer, stylist, manager, backup dancer, mv director, producer, etc etc)
  5. am i the only one that laughed when they began dancing in the rain? cause the water flattened their hair & the members with light colored hair (mainly jin & jungkook) suddenly looked like they had smaller heads >_> in other news, i loved their outfits & jhope's dancing. meh for the song tho (anpanman or gogo probably would've been a better choice if they wanted a japanese version amidst recent songs)
  6. @jjangyi the replies to their original tweet is fabulous too
  7. Aside from his dad jokes? This is my new fave line (or lines?) Like lol, jin sweetie you've been saying that name for 5yrs. alho the english translation of the korean name is hella long too xD
  8. what seems to be individual behind the scene videos?
  9. asdfasf! several more teasers are out! or leaks? And this account uploaded like 10+ more teasers/behind the scene videos so... yeah https://twitter.com/BTSNewsBrasil
  10. lol i dont have the stamina to be an idol- i'd much rather be a choreographer or backup dancer. but i sure as hell want all the moneys, fans, & awards that a successful idol/idol group gets
  11. UwU too cute Btw... does anyone happen to know where this is from?
  12. Honestly, the only real reason i pay attention to MAMAs is all the amazing collabs & remix performances. Like bts' performances in 2016 were amazeballs :O I rarely vote cause I know i could sit back, relax, and know there's enough people voting without me having to do anything (And because deep down, we all that Mnet is technically rigged lol)
  13. wow him willingly dying his own hair is the last thing i ever expected to see footage of