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  1. discussion TTEOTS Discussion Thread

    oh dear... i think if they're really passionate about taking it that far down, maybe it might be better to do it the DBSK/chasing taboo (or twilight/50 shades lol) route to remake it instead...
  2. discussion TTEOTS Discussion Thread

    That looks cool and all but... is a non-Bighit sponsored game allowed? (Due to more copyright messiness)?
  3. announcement A year with BBase

    i'm extremely grateful and amazed and impressed cause very few international fandoms have forums on their own hosted urls (most use like livejournal or a classic bbs forum) so the fact that bbase is still standing is amazing, especially considering the cost. in all reality, what would be the best ways to support you to keep it going? i think we wouldn't want to lose this amazing resource
  4. appreciation Jin's heart events

    The one from the final wings tour~ Suga was so embarrassed lol And omfg, he tweeted about it
  5. game 30 Day Bias Challenge

    oops catchup D5~ sorry not sorry D6~ predebut?
  6. jin's photobook on youtube was amazing, cant wait to see how this one turns out
  7. :o do you have the same birthday as jin? happy birthday~!

    1. Pokeybun


      @sungel yes I do!! December 4th just like my ult bias baby boy ^^ thank you though, despite my late response 💜 

  8. game 30 Day Bias Challenge

    D4 ~ I don't considered curly or crimped hair to be messy... so a certain someone messing with jin's hair is the only thing i can think of lol He looks so done lol
  9. game 30 Day Bias Challenge

    D3- I can't pick a single photo... there's way too many. so here's this instead lol
  10. game 30 Day Bias Challenge

    finally found the semi original. :hug:
  11. game 30 Day Bias Challenge

    D2~ i think i intend to use nothing but derpy photos for this lol. i have no idea where this is from or if its a fanedit but i like this
  12. game 30 Day Bias Challenge

    1. sungel 2. Jin 3. D1 4. no one is uploading serious photos of jin, are we? sorry not sorry i was going to use the one with jin stacking a bunch of glasses on his face
  13. event Mystery Box Giveaway

    I would like to enter~ Extra entry-
  14. i'm entertained that multiple comments are making fun of Jin's english, and also happy that the article translated what the translator actually said. that unicef one was probably the only geniune interview. that said, i think i actually created a thread somewhere here, wondering whose the 1st one(s) that will get in a dating scandal(s)? the reality is they won't be single for life. Agreed- i felt really bad for him esp since it was already opened. I think ellen asks pointless questions when she has pop stars vs real questions with "important" people (i.e. Psy, she just had him teach the gangnam style dance).
  15. I also kind of keep changing my answers because I suddenly remember that I heard about them from something else. Technically I found out about and finally began looking into BTS because of the clip where V said he looked like Baekhyun & Daehyun (I was into Exo at the time). However, I also initially first heard about BTS because of the disastrous Highlight concert tour in US, followed by Simon&Martina talking about them, then xDaredBx making a video featuring jimin's aerial over jhope in we are bulletproof pt 2. (psst- i genuinely wanted to learn how to do an aerial after that... if anyone has tutorials, lemme know.)