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  1. there's a tweet going around saying suga wrote jin a song. i'm betting my left nut that if jin gets an intro, its *that* song Also another heads up: Urban Outfitters seems to be selling the album, but they are sketchy so try to avoid them & spread the word.
  2. Even more eng subs (Also- who is guessing/hoping that Bighit will soon upload jimin&jungkook’s black&white rehearsal? I wanna see how the F they figured out that jacket trick)
  3. LOL , go to 9:00 - violent bunny onesies attack VJin whilst rehearsing lol
  4. I think thats one if the convenient things being in an entertainment company- there is a crew of staff who are constantly pumping out some kinda material so its easier in a company than freelancing. (Coff the Big 3) its still impressive how *fast* they are able to pump out stuff tho :O
  5. sungel

    G.C.F in USA

    omg i was wondering if this was gonna happen lol also jungkook.... i know you have or had a steadycam at some point. and/or the editing skill to even out shaky camerawork. and i definitely know you have a tripod. please use any of those for the shaky parts :(
  6. oh sh*t is that why the armysgoingtojail hashtag was trending for some ridiculous reason? i was so confused
  7. Truly he is a rap god. Here's a compilation of his "best" moments https://twitter.com/seokjinstapes/status/1017534149274624001 so when is jin releasing his mixtape pic.twitter.com/54Z9WAiN2L — Seokjin's Tapes (@seokjinstapes) July 12, 2018 Teehee. Jixtape next plz. I feel like i'm missing some. What are your favorite Rap God Jin moments? plz share.
  8. Update cause the link got taken down i think. in the meantime, if anyone happens to know footage of the sushi costumes performance... :3
  9. yes! i grew up on that- it was mostly taiwanese pop (S.H.E., the Twins, F.I.R., F4, etc) or american pop (think britney spears, cheetah girls, backstreet boys, nsync, spice girls, etc) - whats your favorite guilty pleasure reading/watching/entertainment material?
  10. You're welcome everyone :) :) :) ^^^ From: https://twitter.com/IDAREU_JK/status/1015648429576351744 Also: 180622 저는 여기서 죽어도 여한이 없읍니다😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭#정국 #JUNGKOOK #BTS @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/xI3P65O4Im — I Dare U (@IDAREU_JK) July 7, 2018 180707 ㅇ<-<..#정국 #JUNGKOOK #BTS @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/K7iqLI60TI — I Dare U (@IDAREU_JK) July 7, 2018
  11. in his PS4 (or whatever game console jk uses) lol where would you hide 4chan memes?
  12. yep! currently still do, i kinda fell out during the whole tao fiasco, but i catch up when i can. favorite bts dance line dance? (aka things like the 3J home party, coming of age, black & white, boy meets evil/Lie collab, etc)
  13. @JINger_ale considering its the world cup, Go go would technically be ironic since its about capitalism/consumerism i think (cant remember). but yeah, Fire/Not today wouldve been better. heck even Mic drop or dope too.
  14. Jesus christ it was neck to neck on twitter lol. I wouldnt wanna be either groups’ twitter managers cause the @ tags were rampant lol. Also they didnt pick a very good BTS song for the world cup. There are sooo many other choices that wouldve been better for sports I didnt vote (cuz fanwar), but if i had, i wouldve picked power xDDD