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  1. agreed withh this being the best shot performance in us. cool angles, focus on bts, and no useless cuts to the audience (some of the swoopy jib shots were over the top/unnecessary though, and the confetti at the end was way too much. i wonder how the heck anyone was able to see the stage lol)
  2. ooh! i had no idea there was an exhibition - this looks awesome & i wish i could see it TT_TT
  3. Also here is a recording of the rest of the show! https://www.cbs.com/shows/the-late-show-with-stephen-colbert/video/__OZG8Eim2Z5P41LSwVfZ888dYEgdXc7/the-late-show-5-15-19-jon-favreau-jon-lovett-tommy-vietor-bts-/ xDDD
  4. TT_TT i remember him saying that the phrase "I love you" was easiest for him to say. my theory is that many kpop songs & songs that he's covered includes the phrase "i love you", so you know, he's had a lot of practice
  5. their mics were so pretty when they're using handheld mics, are they literally using these same ones each time?
  6. So it looks like some wild stuff happened in Chicago o.0 If anyone went, i'd love to hear your experience (and see if you caught any of these wild moments) >> Jimin & V throwing their stuff into the audience (more evidence needed plz) >> Jungkook & RM recording themselves with fan's phones Etc
  7. omg he is so smoll that he just bounces off like that
  8. y'know what i think is legitimately cool? that it is literally worldwide language-wise - did you see those translations in the tweets?
  9. And some more random footage I think i'm gonna save this specific comment to edit for futurue official/social media posts directly from dodgers/suga/news (so not fancams)
  10. Oops! I think i posted at the exact same time by accident
  11. https://venturebeat.com/2019/05/09/bts-world-pre-registration-starts-for-k-pop-groups-mobile-game/ BTS World, a new mobile game coming from Netmarble, has now opened for pre-registration. The mobile game will feature exclusive photos and videos from the group, which is breaking out from K-pop fandom into worldwide superstardom. Created in conjunction with the global superstars, BTS World will be a is a story-based mobile simulation game that takes players on an interactive journey. It reminds me of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood from Glu Mobile. Clearly, that is what Netmarble is thinking as well, as the South Korean mobile game company invested $190 million in BTS’s music label. “BTS WORLD was developed with the players in mind from the very beginning,” said Seungwon Lee, Chief Global Officer of Netmarble. “Not only do they get to experience something entirely different, but they’re also getting access to a tremendous amount of new and exciting content we created with BTS specifically for the game.” BTS WORLD includes an exclusive 10,000 brand new photos, and 100 exclusive video clips. BTS World also brings players closer to the group, allowing them to virtually interact with members through a 1:1 interactive system. The pre-registration site will also give players a first look at BTS World, including a game introduction, a BTS story, and “From BTS” – a special sneak peek of the game’s “mobile function” that lets players interact virtually with group members. In addition, the site will feature a mini game, pairing players with the member they match with best as a manager through a short series of questions. The game will be released worldwide for iOS and Android devices. This is going to be a little different from Netmarble’s other games, which include Lineage 2: Revolution, Marvel Future Fight, Everybody’s Marble, and Seven Knights Connect with BTS WORLD : https://twitter.com/btsw_official https://BTSW.netmarble.com . . . . Omg... way to capitalize. Aka, fans are gonna turn this into an otome game, isn't it?
  12. damn boi jinnie. these entire twitter threads sends
  13. Korea & its weeeird censorship things
  14. and RM in those shorts 0.o legs for days TT_TT i always thought these "eye contact" version videos from SBS/KBS/mnet's youtube channels were kinda weird. and now we've got 1 of these from bighit too now
  15. LOL so not only does suga bring luck to BTS, apparently he brings luck to wherever he goes Also more random footage... THERE'S SO MUCH RANDOM FOOTAGE???