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  1. 2018-03-07 K-Netizens Give BTS’ Jin Another Nickname, Calls Him ‘Manner-dol’ Jin earns a new nickname! K-netizens have given Jin another nickname after catching their attention with his personality. In various online communities, pictures of Jin has been attracting attention. In the photos, Jin can be seen bowing down at 90 degrees to everyone he meets, even the staff and airport security. His attitude of bowing down to staff had made others feel good. in photos, he can also be seen waving and smiling at fans most of the time. Netizens said his personality looks good, and had given him the nickname ‘예절돌’ (Manner-dol), and idol with manners. 김소영 기자 soyoung@insight.co.kr Source: X
  2. It seems there's two new ones Manner-dol: https://blog.kpopviral.com/post/171627627016/k-netizens-give-bts-jin-another-nickname-calls https://onehallyu.com/topic/657146-kpopviral-k-netizens-give-bts’-jin-another-nickname-calls-him-‘manner-dol’/ And "bolmae": https://twitter.com/hashtag/bolmae?src=hash
  3. So these are tear bags (aka "aegyo-sal" in Korean) Someone analyzed BTS's eyes a while back here & in the meantime, I also noticed that Jin, J-hope & especially Jimin (and sometimes jungkook?) have very prominent naturally-occurring tear bags, and therefore squishier eyesmiles >3< Jin J-hope Jimin (especially. It's what makes his eyesmile so squishy <3 ) Ft. the rest of BTS Not sure if anyone really would have collections of these maybe I'm just weird, but if anyone has more eye smile/tear bag pics, please share~ Fun fact, when i googled "taehyung tear bags" i just got a bunch of gucci bags. Wat...
  4. There’s a few haters saying its cause Bighit is doing saejaegi(sp???) aka album buy-back, but i doubt it cuz BTS is the only bighit group currently right? Them antis can shut up now
  5. Alright... finally tackling J-hope! Rap line... why you gotta have so many hair colors lol. Here's a general thread of all the colors he's had that I could find. Though if you want a lovely thread of just forehead black haired Hobi, go visit KookieMochi's thread 8D [link] (^From x) Let's a go! 2013 2014 2015 2016 - Once again, thank you to blueyart's thread. 2017 2018 To be continued~ Do you know how many times I had to stop and sob at how aesthetic he was. I was blinded by sunshine FML Namjoon is next/final one... he hasn't had black hair since 2015... wish me luck...
  6. Did anyone say they wanted black haired forehead Hobi? (Someone plz tell me where this is from lol)
  7. omg his lips are so cute and petite and doll-like also, anyone else think they look like the perfect porcelain doll or BJD doll lips?
  8. in other news... as we begin to see all the other members... who else is wondering what shooky's costume will look like?
  9. a compilation of yoongi's selcas looking the same from 2013+ he kinda hasnt changed that much, but for sure gotten more airbrushed/filters lol
  10. this is random, but i think smol yoongi is kinda adorable
  11. Oh my god. when/where is that from?
  12. So while I'm still gathering up poor Jhope (and godhelpme)RM, here's Jungkook... the easiest member to compile. Black Red Purple Highlights 50 shades of brown And the only time he ever did something truly special... Share your own galleries and if we ever wake up to something surprising!
  13. Thank you for sharing this! One thing I do always worry about (especially since i'm horribly guilty) is fanfics & 18+ fancomics, esp before jungkook was of age. thats part of the kpop fandom that everyone in the west acknowledges but i always fear what'd happen if korean/asian fans found out or the idols themselves. like i know Beatles (and probs jpop idols + US celebrities) were aware of their fanfics, but idk about kpop