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  1. It's been like a month and I'm still not over this drama ;__;
  2. (c) um how did the fansite noona survive after taking this shot cuz HIS STARE ;A;
  3. pann

    Lol there are two types of BTS fans in the world and these are their answers
  4. Love the project theme and design - so pretty! Looking forward to participating!
  5. general tv

    Lmao jhope dabbing. JK looks like a football referee
  6. Well said leader joon
  7. (c) (c) (c) photographer kim
  8. Ahh that makes sense, thank you! Gonna utilise that search function more
  9. Hats
  10. Otter
  11. game

  12. Shed a light - David Guetta, Robin Shultz & Cheat Codes
  13. Oh its almost like a rebranding, but more an evolution of bts rather than a complete change. I like the analogy of the door as well
  14. pann

    Omg I laughed harder at this than I want to admit
  15. audio

    I love the beat currently jamming to this as I clean my room lol