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  1. Was the sunshine crow tit emoji removed? that one was rlly cute :c
  2. Marshmallow
  3. game

  4. Bed
  5. Ugh love this, team work makes the dream work
  6. Lol that face to shoulder ratio, he was destined for handsomeness
  7. Haha if that's true his high school friends must love to torment him with predebut photos Idk it's interesting to see photos of idols in glasses with real lenses (idols, theyre just like us sometimes) but when they wear fake/fashion frames they still have to wear contact lenses underneath lol
  8. pann

    Omg I was waiting for someone from the CCC (Childless Cougar Club) to show up
  9. pann

    I won't call him oppa as long as he calls me noona
  10. appreciation

    are they birkenstocks cuz I'm with you yoongi birkenstocks over crocs any given day lmao they've even got those lil badges children put on their crocs #kidsatheart
  11. pann

    his face in the second pic hehe lol the fansite noona in the back looks kinda creepy out of context
  12. pann

    I died when I saw all the ryan plushies haha tae almost blends in with them too
  13. merch

    The photos look awesome, this would make a nice coffee table book! Ahh if only there was an english version available, it would interesting to read about where the inspiration for concepts came from and how they grew
  14. Reminiscing in one of my fave kpop songs ever, also jimin makes me feel things in this perf 8D
  15. photos

    Oh it looks so full lol! I do feel like he tends to pack things in bags or a small case rather than a big suitcase