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  1. (c) um how did the fansite noona survive after taking this shot cuz HIS STARE ;A;
  2. Lol there are two types of BTS fans in the world and these are their answers
  3. Love the project theme and design - so pretty! Looking forward to participating!
  4. Lmao jhope dabbing. JK looks like a football referee
  5. Well said leader joon
  6. Ahh that makes sense, thank you! Gonna utilise that search function more
  7. Shed a light - David Guetta, Robin Shultz & Cheat Codes
  8. Oh its almost like a rebranding, but more an evolution of bts rather than a complete change. I like the analogy of the door as well
  9. Omg I laughed harder at this than I want to admit
  10. I love the beat currently jamming to this as I clean my room lol
  11. Looks exciting can't wait to see everyone show their creativity and love the support for non-profit charities <3