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  1. Ok so yesterday while walking in the rain to Vertis North a strong gust of wind upturned my umbrella and the spine hit my head really hard e - e ;; I walked around with a red spot on my forehead after that (didn't even make it under my bangs lmao) because I couldn't hide it with just powder...

    This morning while washing my face I pressed on that area and it hurtsss aaaa I think there's a bruise growing there now ; __ ; darnit

    1. littlemoon


      oww. i hope it heals quickly! <3

      here is a kiss from Jin to make it better. 


    2. Chim Chim Star™

      Chim Chim Star™

      /cries/ more pls Jin

      (thanks! ☆)

  2. The conclusion most people are getting out of this is that Jin's been travelling in time so many times to correct things (avoid mishaps & deaths?) but sadly, he always fails...
  3. (Note: 0:00 to 11:13 is the first three Highlight Reels shortened)
  4. 박지민!!! ㅠㅠ
  5. Damn he's blonde again? I wonder if he's gonna color his hair again this time
  6. merch

    Also Lol
  7. merch

    The VT cushions are honestly not so convenient lol but I'm buying it anyway So far I have only found one person with a direct supplier from Korea willing to buy this so idek
  8. merch

    BTS' cushion line collaboration with VT Cosmetics will be released starting August 18th! @vtcosmetics_official: "#VTcosmetics VT X BTS “Have a good day” VT X BTS SECRET MESSAGE EVENT Starting from 18th, receive cushion puffs that has secret messages from BTS with any purchase of VT COSMETICS products. ✔ ONLINE opens on August 18th 2017, Friday 10:00am ✔ OFFLINE opens on August 19th 2017, Saturday ✔ VT X BTS puff is one set with three random puffs ✔ Offer is limited to one set per person regardless of price of products. ✔ Quantities are limited while supplies last ✔ Visit vt-cosmetic.com for more details ✔ WE DO NOT OFFER OVERSEAS SHIPPING SERVICE #브이티 #브이티코스메틱 #VT#VTCOSMETICS #방탄소년단 #BTS#BTSbeauty #케이뷰티 #Kbeauty #VTXBTS #콜라보레이션#collaboration #이벤트 #event #sceret#message #cushionpuff #puff #cushion#makeuptools" VT Cosmetics official Instagram
  9. My favorite part was supposed to be Yoongi smirking and falling off the couch, but then JiHope's girl danced and now I'm gay as hell
  10. article

    Ugh. These sort of people just don't disappear, huh.
  11. This gets even more interesting every release...and it hurts a little less this time lol I was awake til like 15 minutes before the release but I fell asleep jajsgsksvssj The girls in the videos are trainees from different companies. The girl with Yoongi is apparently from SM, while the girl with Jihope is from Jellyfish (formerly JYP... no wonder her dancing is so good!). There were other tweets circulating on which companies the girls are from, but none of them are from Big Hit. BH already said they have no female trainees, and if ever any of them are from BH, they're probably dancers. Also I stan Jihope's girl now lol Bangtan who????
  12. I am here to promote by bb Seohyun's drama, Bad Thief Good Thief! I'm not just saying this because my ultimate female bias is in the show but - guys! It's worth a shot, I promise! I haven't been hooked on a drama like this in a long time, it's pretty great. Sadly it's overshadowed by its competition but there has been nothing but positive on the show and cast reviews. This drama is slated for 50 episodes, airing 2 every weekend, and is currently (as of posting time) on the 28th. It sounds like a lot, but honestly, you wouldn't mind once you get hooked. There's unavoidable K-drama cliches, but other than that, this drama seriously needs more attention. So here I am plugging it Watch / download here
  13. game

  14. Dope - 714 N.O - 799 Run - 680 I Need U - 648 Young Forever - 727 Just One Day - 798 Fire - 765
  15. No More Dream - 895 Danger - 859 Boy In Luv - 894 Blood Sweat & Tears - 887 Spring Day - 647 Not Today - 898 Save Me - 706