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  1. other Bias and Personality Type

    Bias: Yoongi Personality type: INTJ-T Temperament: Phlegmatic (i prefer change tho.....xD but like u said earlier, i don't really take this as concrete). Zodiac: Scorpio, Rat I prefer mbti rather than temperament tests but thanks anyways!
  2. kenny is streaming rn quality is ok, better than nothing ;u; <3
  3. when stylists noonas deck them out lookin all fine in designers outfits ;;
  5. SO EXCITED AND YES THE BOYS LOOK SO GOOD IM :') *wipes tear* but yeh
  6. i feel like im missing something here.......why do armys hate chainsmokers.....??? i like their music ;-;??? and i think bts likes their music idk how they feel about them in person though ?_? lets just stay calm and be excited for the boys, they'll be seeing some of their fav artists. TuT
  8. everyone would be fainting if that were the case.
  9. Welcome to BBASE everyone~ Don't worry this is a safe haven for armys . I'm sure this chat will be LIT like @monimoni said ~ and to those that are on the other side of the world where its early into the next day, good luck staying awake. Thanks for staying up late to support bangtan @Cheshire!!!!!!
  10. WELCOME NEW FANSSSSS !!!! have a good time in bbase today, we'll party it up
  12. Official BBase Mascot Thread

    @Amajay thank YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CUTIES (thank you for your hard work....theyre adorable *oh my hearteu*). I WILL USE THEM WELL <3333
  13. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS POST!!! Even though I don't ship myself with BTS ever.....but since @Rivelta told me to do.....it why not? Who would you/Would you rather... Confess love to you ? J-Hope or Suga ? Hobi because although yoongi is my bias, he's very similar to me in personality (or at least I believe he is) so it would never work out (not like it would ever happen but ya know). Have your picture drawn by Jimin or V sings your favorite song for you? Have a picture drawn by Jimin cus I can keep that at least while tae's singing only last however long he sings the song TT. Have a date with Jungkook, J-Hope or Rapmonster ? Have a date with Rapmon! < --- disloyal af but ....... I think joon is sweet af and tbh i would like to have a nice talk with him (he just seems like that type I could talk to about some serious things....lol). Be married to Jin and Army hates you or not have any relationship with him and be loved again ? Not have any relationship with Jin.....I love BTS I just see them more as really hot amazing friends I don't know in real life than someone I can have a relationship with. Oversleep and miss important concert or oversleep and miss your date w/ your bias ? Oversleep and miss important concert......I want to be able to have a friendly conversation with Yoongi and get to know him than see them while I'm dying in a pit full of screaming fangirls waving their army bombs + phones around (and also dying of dehydration + heat). Mad at you for a week J-hope or Jimin ? Hobi because I think he's less scarier than Jimin (I don't want to deal with scary Jimin). Take selcas w/ 6 members and ignore V or Suga ? Tae...because I can't ignore my bias (feelsbad, IM SORRY TAE ILY_) Meet your bias or meet everyone but not your bias? Meet everyone else....I love the rest of bangtan lots and yoongi is only a bit ahead by a little bit.....i'll live by not being able to meet him. Be poor and love BTS or be extremely rich and forget everything about them? Be poor and love BTS because they make me happier than not being rich (money doesn't bring happiness imo).....and who says I can't become rich in the future? Go to one of their concerts or a fan meeting? fanmeeting .....it's way more closer and personal and ID ACTAULLY SEE THEIR FACES WELL.....also you're not dying of heat / PPL TRYING TO PUSH YOU IN pit (cus i would get pit tickets to see bangtan better.....my fault) See your OTP get together or have BTS release a lot of mv's/ songs in one day? SEE MY OTP GET TOGETHER (that would make me eternally happy // ) ....... I LOVE BANGTAN BUT THEY NEED REST (also i'll be preparing my funeral if they released all these mvs in one day).......as you can see i love my otp lots Have a one sided love with Jungkook or RapMonster loves you more than you love them? rapmon love me more than I love him........i can learn to love rapmon as much bruh (plus one sided loves are painful af....) See BTS with TWICE or SNSD ? BTS with Twice cus IT HINK TWICE R CUTE AF LOWKEY IF I HAD THE CHANCE I WOULD WANT TO BE WIF THEM TOO Go on a vacation with Jungkook while he is wearing a seagull costume or Suga while he is wearing a Kumamon costume ? jungkook wearing a seagull costume because i think kook would be more talkative with me than yoongi would (IM SORRY I K IM DISLOYAL AF SMTIMES) Sneak into concert and get caught or their dorm and get caught ? sneak into their concert and get caught.......cus pretty sure (1) sneaking into their dorm is invasion of privacy (2) I would NEVER invade their privacy like that (3) consequences are more dire for dorm than concert aka YOU COULD BE SERVING JAIL TIME. Have RapMonster or J-Hope comfort you when you are sad? rapmonster i need that philosophical beautiful words he be spittin' ( I JUST LOVE HEARING HIS SMART PHILOSOPHY TALK) Eat big meals with Jin or ride a horse with J-Hope ? eat big meals with jin because i prefer eating (i LOVE FOOD) over riding a horse i think id be scared af if it was a horse......... If you were the 8th member would you have long hair , guy short, short, or mid way ? short hair cus long hair is quite annoying to deal with....... Be friends with the Maknae-line (Jimin,V and Jungkook) or the Hyung-line (Jin, RM, Suga and J-Hope) ? hyung-line i think i'm getting old and (i'm more hyungline biased)...i can't handle maknae's hyperness...........................altho i would totally be up to play Overwatch with taekook See you naked ? RapMonster or V ? awk........question..........tae because i think he wouldn't really be affected as much?......(although i really would not want any of them seeing me naked thats kinda too much?) Meet BTS and forget to brush your teeth or wear deodorant ? forget to wear deodorant because i never wear it anyways and i don't have strong BO (yes genes!) / don't smell ....i can't stand not brushing my teeth v_v Kiss Jin, Suga, Jimin or Jungkook ? yoongi.....cus he my bias....and i love his cute lips but i have a feelin he'd cuss at me right after :') Dancing with J-Hope, Jin or V ? i can't dance for life so i would rather dance with tae (hes the in b/w in dancing imo) and hobi's strict teaching scares me..... A duet with RapMonster or Jimin ? rap monster.......i can't rap to save my life..so hopefully he'll do the rapping and i do the (really bad) singing Want BTS to be single and alone for Armys or dating and happy with Armys support ? DATING AND HAPPY WITH ARMYS SUPPORT. im sorry but if anyone want bts to single and alone for armys then they're a selfish little thing, i don't consider those an army if you don't think of bts' happiness, privacy first (people should stay out of their personal life BTS DOESN'T BELONG TO ANYBODY BUT THEMSELVES) Sing karaoke w/ your bias or go on a shopping spree w/ BTS but not your bias ? shopping spree without my bias.....because i can't sing for lifeu and yoongi raps better than he sings....so yes .... Break your bias heart or crush your bias lifetime dreams ? break your bias heart.....i want them to still be able to dream...plus theres many more fish in the sea they can live without me One of the BTS members swears at you in Korean, Suga or Jungkook ? YOONGI CUS YOONGI IS HOT AF WHEN HE SWEARS IN KOREAN....i would love yoongi to swear at me (lol whipped trasheu) Share a bed with JiKook (Jimin x Jungkook) or TaeGi (V x Suga) ? jikook.....cus they're like my sons and so cute.....i still think of them as babies SO LOL YES And finally... your bias remembers your name or your face ? remember my name......names (to the people who said face......my name is not that common lel) are more important to me than remembering faces.. how awk if they see you and remember ur face but ur name is blegh in their memory? i think all my friends have been tagged so rip
  14. game Compliments Game

    @SeokSeok IM NOT GOOD WITH WORDS EITHER BUT I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! thanks for being such a sweetheart and listen to me rant talk too long~~~ i hope i can see you around more often (if you have a kakaotalk , hmu ) @Rivelta THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ME TOO AND CHATTING WITH ME ALL THOSE LONG NIGHTS. AND STAYING UP ( you really shouldnt!!) but yes YOU'RE THE HOPE TO MY SOPE. and i hope we can see each other in korea one day ;;;
  15. game Say something about the user above you~

    @KookieMochi @SeokSeok U GUYS ARE SO CUTE AND I'm happy we got to talk about anime together (we trash..... :D). don't be sad guys, cheer up. people maybe be busy sometimes, but I'm sure that they'll come back and visit when they're free. Besides, don't forget we're all family.