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  1. I was curious so i decided to take it..... House: Ravenclaw Patronus: Blackbird Wand: Larch wood with phoenix feather core, 10" and rigid flexibility
  2. game

    @KookieMochi @SeokSeok U GUYS ARE SO CUTE AND I'm happy we got to talk about anime together (we trash..... :D). don't be sad guys, cheer up. people maybe be busy sometimes, but I'm sure that they'll come back and visit when they're free. Besides, don't forget we're all family.
  3. BLESS CHU GUYS, I GOT INTO BLACK MIRROR RECENTLY AND I LOVE IT!!! @leanna @movietvdrama Some of my fav episodes: 15 Million Credits, White Bear (i LOVED this one, it was so crazy), White Christmas --> I still have to watch San Junipero (heard it was amazing!!) & Hated in the Nation. Korean Variety Shows: Running Man (sometimes) - Great variety show, I watched it since the beginning and i love the cast, although the PD change made the show a bit different, i personally believe it isn't as funny anymore but still one of my favs Hello Counselor (sometimes) - I watch it when I feel like getting mad at how stupid people can be and to laugh at stupid things SNL (Saturday Night Live) Korea!!!! - 19+ show lel, but the full show isn't subbed, I've just seen clips and skits and they made me laugh especially sometimes they do parodies of popular movies, lel Happy Together (sometimes) - When I'm really bored, I watch this, it's mainly a talk show but it's hosted by Yoo Jae-suk and Park Myung-Soo (famous korean MCs), features various guests and they basically tell their various experiences (sometimes the guests are really funny!!!). Anyways meant to be a talk show comedy, I guess? Abnormal Summit - I follow this SHOW WEEKLY!!!! It's basically a show with foreigners from different countries that come together to talk about various issues, of course with comedy! (I watched this show in the beginning, they talk about things like living in other countries, dreams of youths, traveling, etc.) Crime Scene Season 2 - One of my favorite shows (a 3rd season is coming out soon, yesssss). Basically there is a permanent cast with temporary guest and the cast roleplay as suspects in a murder crime in which they find clues to point out which of the cast is the person who committed the murderer (the murder is set on a theater stage, with different rooms). Sometimes serious, and of course at times comedic! whispers the Genius, as you can tell im biased towards JTBC shows (can't help it, i love their variety) Well, that's about it for korean shows, I've watched a lot more than this (there were some really good old shows like Come to Play, Star King, Family Outing). I occasionally watch Immortal Song 2, King of Masked Singer (singing shows), Law of the Jungle, used to watch We Got Married (like the way older couples of the past). The list would go on and on if I continued mainly because I watch so many korean shows......or at least have watched a bunch of korean shows (rip) lol. Western TV Shows: (i don't watch reality, but I watch tv dramas): sHERLOCK (BBC) - stars the oh so very famous benedict cumberbatch - basically the modern version of sherlock holmes (each season only has 3 episodes, but each season is GOLD)......Everyone should at least try sherlock once in their life WESTWORLD (HBO) - I LOVE THIS SHOW (waiting for season 2 like my life depends on it cri). Funny thing is I got interested in this show last semester when my classmate and english professor was fangirling over it and it was semi relevant to what we were studying in class (lol). It's set in the future in a android theme park where the guests are the super wealthy and they can basically DO ANYTHING to the androids (these androids look like regular humans and act like it) that they please. it kinda makes you question the future about androids....if something like this were to come true (in general how we should view technology?) Some mainly crime / mystery (and other) shows I enjoyed and finished: Bones, white collar, Doctor Who (kinda stopped with this one v_v), Lie to Me. There were a lot of other shows I couldn't finish or get into v_v, sigh. I used to have too much free time on my hands.
  4. As someone who has watched dramas almost as long I've been into Kpop (8 years and counting), I think I'm pretty experienced when it comes to picking good dramas, so here are some recs (besides the ones already listed, I love GOBLIN, SIGNAL AND WEIGHLIFTING FAIRY!!! W 2 Worlds started off really well, but I the ending I thought wasn't so great.. so yeah...): Some older dramas that I love!!!: (not in chronological order)
  5. i'm crying because he didn't forget us starving yoongi stans.
  6. STAHP IT GUYS THIS IS BAD FOR MY HEALTH. I'm trying to stay loyal to my bias *cough* Ok, but can we talk about how ethereal Jin looks 24/7 and his GUITAR PLAYING ON THE VLIVE . Ok, but can we talk about Jin's little dangly earring, it looks so ADORABLE on him...(even if Jimin and Kook don't laugh at his dad jokes, I'll still continue to do so because theyre are A+++).
  7. @KookieMochi Dude, I heard about this too and literally went wtf. Even though BTS couldn't be there, at least they took the effort to make a video (i hope this isn't true though). I'm still really happy about them winning though especially on a foreign awards show, just shows all the recognition that BTS is getting. Thanks for sharing!!!
  8. @leanna @rosyjimin Let's love KOOK'S TASTE TOGETHER . i love when they music and share it with honestly (there are some members that I'm still curious about, aka jimin my boi.). Honestly, his and tae's taste are some of my favorite, but I was definitely chillin' / relaxin' when he was playing those songs on the vlive yesterday. But seriously the power of bangtan...... I'm just glad they all have a large variety of music that they listen to, it's interesting to find new stuff that I never listened to before. (i liked it especially when kook said he started listening to a variety even if he didn't like the song, he would keep listening...I need to do that too haha).
  9. YESSSS, I'm so happy for the boys being recognized by all these amazing artists around the world. Glad that they get this chance, Seo Taiji is considered one of the pioneers into the world of korean hip hop (one of the first to introduce the genre in korea)..........
  10. Happy Birthday dear! I hope you have an amazing day and that today will be filled with happiness!!! Enjoy! Have a bangtan-ful day~ 


  11. appreciation

    HOW DARE YOU TORTURE US LIKE THIS. jk, lubs you. as always, thanks for your very hard work!!! Have some of my love <3. cr for original video...don't remember where the gif is from tho ;;
  12. appreciation

    YOU DESERVE ALL THE LOVE EVEN THOUGH YOU LOVE TO TORTURE US. im NOT ok thank you sososososososomuch. merci beaucoup mon ami ~~~~~~ FEEL DA LOVEEEE. yes i used pink like jimin's cotton candy hair.
  13. @Seoks-j Thank you for sharing this with us. Min Yoongi, already a genius even in high school. I just can't help but feel how amazing it is that Yoongi reached the point that he is at today. This gets me emotional about all the suffering he had to face, yet he still made this kind of music, his passion and love still hasn't changed, I can't help but look back in awe......
  14. This is so amazing , I can't imagine the amount of effort, work, and coordination that Thai ARMYs put into this. I'm really amazed by all the different types of projects that ARMYs pull off for Bangtan and I'm grateful that we can give back to them in some way after all the love that they show us. I hope that in the future we'll also have more successful projects like this so that we can continue showing our love for our 7 hardworking and talented boys. im not crying namjoon just happens to be cutting a lot of onions.
  15. @leanna Thanks for the recommendations I'll use them well, I spy Alina Baraz (perhaps he found out from Tae because he recced that artist a while back -- her voice is so soothing!!!). Anyways I'm excited and I'll go check this out~~~ I was listening to Change yesterday...ah feelsgood.