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  1. Trash Jay: Who are you?
    Me: I'm you but stronger

  2. When I first saw dope, I thought they were like, rookies who just debuted like over a year ago lmao. I was so amazed by them. Thanks to my kpop hiatus, I didn't know who they were until I kept meeting ARMY even in non-kpop related things.
  3. One word: Priorities. You're good at knowing your priorities. Bangtan over boyfriends because Bangtan. I feel like I'll be like you lmao. If ever I get a boyfriend.... I need to get him into Bangtan. I actually sent Suga's mixtape to the guy I like to promote my ultimate bias since he likes krap lmao someone stop me.
  4. DUDE LMAO I'M *not literally* CRYING THAT'S GOLD "tfw when you're both thoughtful and imaginative so you thought RM had an eye disease"
  5. SUP BANGTAN BASE! Before we start, I will introduce you to the priests who are here to listen to you. FATHER JIMIN AND ... WAIT, WHAT IS HIS NAME AGAIN? FATHER TONGUE TECHNOLOGY? ___________________________________ BadJOKES ASIDE This place welcomes confessions of any type and you are free to discuss them with each other. Your confessions could be any of the following: Funny confessions Sweet Confessions Sad and serious confessions Unpopular Opinions Many others. The only thing I ask of the people here is to respect each and everyone of the people confessing and their confessions. That is all~ My confessions I thought Bangtan was a name of a member. I had a dream about superhero Jimin who cat cut through things ala fruit ninja and killed a Godzilla-like monster and it's the best BTS dream I ever had kyahaha.