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  1. Ship him to me to Germany seyo
  2. v-app

    If it doesn't cost/can be easily openly watched, then I hope it is alright to simply edit/upragde it into the BV S2 episode thread later on and then ofc post the following episodes. (Maybe the Behind The Scenes ones will be VLive+?)
  3. Teaser is out who is excited, too :D? gifs
  4. news

    Why does this look like ... that we will get some kind of '2 parted^' project? And every time I try see this line JB starts playing in the back of my head Damn, I'm excited - it seems to be a huge project!
  5. Ellou - yes, I'm that Nale from over there, too - And thanks for these heartwarming words (also you are always free to stop by there as well *coughs*)
  6. While America graces us with Forehead ... Japan gives him the ideal styling in the Asian corner *side eyes korea* haha
  7. I love how they expand this idea of music recommendations. From some drop ins (especially from Namjoon) on twitter, until one day each member revealed some song recs in form of a spotify list. Now they release a group list, summer themed. I love this concept of sharing (even adding a few thoughts about the song choice). I kind of tend to have more motivation to check songs out, if there are a few (compared to the single occasions on twitter) so I really like this idea of little music lists. And it is sweet that they did a 'group' list this time, with every member contributing. Love how diverse the list is, too
  8. Alright, is it just me or do Japanese Magazines/Shoots always manage to hit the right angle for him? I don't want to downgrade Korean releases (ofc not all) but the jpn ones do something right and manage the make up/outfit/shots better
  9. wow, suddenly you know me, including my biases. Things work in the most mysterious ways ;^) Let me thank you back as well with this: & bonus
  10. Time to have my butt crawling back in here- Will try to stop by more often now~
  11. event

    Thank you for all the hard work! I remember, when you were working on the sig the first time and showed a glimpse of how the sig could look like It was really beautiful and colorful ♥ It makes me happy how talented and dedicated the fandom can be to make wonderful things happen
  12. There is a Line Chat for BBAse - gimme your ID and I will throw you in
  13. Username: Nale Exchange: Suga Fan Award: Yoonseok (otp) Thank u ♥