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  1. updated (fin) - Launch in their final stage ♥
  2. quoting my own ass: so- I was pretty close with comeback EHEM. 4th April is it then. You did not specify what 'comeback' was meant
  3. updated - last one incoming soon ♥
  4. Hixtape: 18th February (I wanted to be different and say stuff like 2nd but if it's literally in the same month with him having bday..it's just obvious by now) I don't know if u are allowed to do that but I honestly doubt by now it will tbe the 18th hejvkdfml Comeack: 9th April
  5. I just had a little breakdown at the bias [fav member] question - this was cruel, as someone, who has 2 as a solid duo
  6. - update - // and yes, confusing is fun.
  7. // // // LAST // // So my Dear Friend - Shall we create it together? I will reach out my hand to you very soon - so I can show you the magic I learned, too Then we can continue together our path
  8. Uh, I guess the game is over now but I participated anyway for a good distraction. It was fun! - although I struggled with 10 a bit. The rest was easy and quick:D (I thinkK9
  9. let me start to begin active here again on this forum (forums in general tbh) with posting here & saying ellou , would love to enter! (Sadly I don't have Twitter so I can only do the simple enter thingy)
  10. updated after 10000 years. Oops.
  11. I hope I won't disappoint with my part for the project TT
  12. Can I just say how much I love Big Hit & BTS for doing all this? All of it started as a concept for an album - like many other groups do. But with time they created a whole Universe (BU) and a storyline with depth and turned the frame into a whole stunning painting. It started all in Spring 2015 with INU and HYYH pt.1 and look where we are today? Of course it can be tiring sometimes to 'drag' a concept but as for myself I really love it and could listen/watch to the whole world endlessly. With Lumpens on board, BangPD's passion for aesthetics and stories from each member - they built a world for us to discover. We can relate to scenes and happenings, we experience all these happenings ourselves. I'm eternally thankful that they risked it to create something new. Once it will be finished (we never know when) The 'end' will be an impressive piece of work and I'm just happy that I was able to follow the road since INU and experience it together with the group and the fandom. Whereas those, who join new, are able to experience a 'whole' world and experience it with their own pace. I have the feeling it will be a timeless piece - like a visual book to listen to. I am ready to wait for the next round
  13. sad sad - the whole tweet chain Love me some ... Butterfly Effect.
  14. Small insight: And he travelled back in time And went further and further in the past Tried to save them all Yet every single time he failed. One time he travelled the furthest back Until all memories vanished from their minds Reaching the moment As if he never existed Or the only one, who did. have fun