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  1. I can't afford the Epilogue DVD but omg how I wish I could Anyways, I haven't been here for a while, and I missed RM on VLive today asdjfskgg but omg <3 cr I heart you fam!
  2. Ahh, mess, haha, thank you, I'll remember that for future!
  3. Hello friends, I've come to bless you with lots of beautiful Jimin photos! (and more from music core under the spoiler) Sorry if they've already been posted! I haven't backtracked just yet!
  4. Hey y'all. idk how active it is here but I found out some new info so I figured it wouldn't hurt to share it here haha I'm not sure how to insert tweets here or anything (or if you even can) but apparently Jimin is gonna be a judge on the panel of Masked Singer? (Tweet info under spoiler) Also short interview of Tae at the Hwarang Press conference (it's in English!)
  5. This. Is. Amazing. Jimin is such a cutie. I can't- cr tbh I literally have so many things I would post but I'm not gonna overwhelm people with all this content haha That Singles interview though, those photos, whew
  6. Thanks Satoori!! It's good to be here, I missed forum discussion so much, and absolutely needed a place to be able to let out my inner fangirl! Will definitely visit that thread for sure <3
  7. *finally found the MT* Just wanna say that I'm so proud of all the hardwork you guys have put into this forum so far, already so many posts and it's barely been open a week? Remarkable!! Anyways, I don't really have anything exciting to post as I have no idea what's already been posted and haven't the time to backtrack, but here's Tae being super cute at the Hwarang premiere. cr