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  1. i made my boyfriend into an army lol     he loves taehyung and rapmon the most i think   .  cypher stan

  2. me showin my face here once a day



    1. Mongmungi


      Danni~ Good to see you here~ jimin9:

    2. yoko
    3. TaeLi


      Jin is so beautiful

      just like you jimin9:

  3. yoko


    ok so i didnt take this today is p old HOWEVER it expresses how i feel today... nd it is me .... 4give
  4. I wasn't sure where to put this in the Videos section so as it's Jungkook focus I'm throwing it here lol . sry mods pls move it if there's a better place i love cute bunnies eating
  5. i cnat believe they changed the thumbnail STOP DOING JIN sO DIRtY
  6. its gr8 but like... putting jin as the thumbnail doesnt make up for his almost non existence in the video, bighit (looking at u too Spring Day mv) : ( sry 2 be salTY
  7. i LOVE this picture