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  1. SO THIS IS WHAT THEY WERE FILMING IN THE K-TIGERS STUDIO AND CAFES AND THE STREETS WHEN EVERYBODY THOUGHT JIMIN WAS IN A DRAMA it looks really good even tho i normally can't at sim games the clips look so good i'd brave the cringe for them "raise your own bangtan" they're really about to become my sons it's no longer ironic dude same it seems so well produced it's almost definitely paid content. im internally debating whether it'd be more cruel to have it entirely as a paid app or make it free up till a certain point where you have to pay to proceed bc by then you'll already have fallen in the hole
  2. my tAEKOOK HEART no bias i swear but their voices have always been my favourite combination imagine if they released a duet cover like,, rewrite the stars or perfect i'd cry also this is like a little glimpse into how the members say those two tend to randomly break out into skits with each other aka the best kind of bangtan bombs, the ones where we see them just being themselves backstage
  3. Hello! All the available lines are in the first post of this thread, under the "SECTION # | LYRICS" heading. Any line that isn't striked out yet is still free - take your pick! :')
  4. Producers working magic :') On a side note I've come to really like seeing pictures of staff other than the boys working on their comebacks and stages, it's nice to see the people who make things happen behind the scenes for a change too.
  5. The fanart slots are all gone, but there's still quite a few lyric slots available if you'd like to take one! The difference is that the lyric cards must clearly include the line of lyrics assigned, although you're welcome to draw around them too. For both the giftbook and the video, we mean art as in fanart of J-Hope.
  6. Gonna chime in here :') Yes, you two can hold the poster together in the video and picture!
  7. Sorry, the F21 slot is already taken, but feel free to pick another one! All the slots striked out like this are unavailable :'(
  8. Yes, that's right! They can be any art providing the title is included clearly in full - the whole phrase "1VERSE by J-Hope".
  9. First, thanks for your interest in the project to begin with! We're aiming to create a lyric video for 1VERSE. Pick and request the line you like from the lyrics in the first post, and after we confirm it with you, you should write the lyrics onto a card or poster. Write them in both Korean and your native language. After that, film a 5-6 second horizontal video of the card/poster in your city. You can hold it, or just film the card/poster by itself. Then send it to us and that's it! There's no singing involved because we'll edit everybody's clips together with the song 1VERSE. I hope that clears things up a bit, but do let us know if it's still confusing :')
  10. Looking to join J-Hope's birthday project? You're in the right place! Welcome to the sign-up thread for the VERSES ON THE STREET: A VERSE FOR ONE fan lyric video project! ✵ HOW TO SIGN UP ✵ 1. Pick the fanart/lyric slot you want in the spoiler below. 2. Comment with your username and row # of the slot you'd like. 3. Keep an eye on your BBase inbox - a team member will message you to confirm and provide you with the submission link! ✵ SECTION # | LYRIC ✵ LYRICS: 4/52 AVAILABLE FANART: ALL ASSIGNED.* *If you'd still like to have your fanart included, submit it to the book here! *Alternatively, add a creative twist to a lyric slot instead by drawing your art around the lyrics - check FAQ below. ✵ SUBMISSION GUIDELINES ✵ ✵ EXAMPLE SUBMISSIONS ✵ ✵ FAQ ✵ ✵ EXTENDED DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 13TH ✵ Feel free to comment questions below, too!
  11. Spring Day is one of those songs where it's mellow enough to not get jarring over repeated listens, but also preppy enough to not be boring when you're not in the mood. It's a beautiful track in more than one way and it's great that it's enjoying longevity with the gp bc I personally will also /never/ be over it
  13. @tafattsbarn HE CUTE HE PURE HE ANGEL made it back before bangtan's stage thank goodness !!
  14. tbh I've never really liked Supreme or just any of the brands where the primary catch is its logo on a plain background that's it that's the whole design but I gotta say the boys make those hoodies look vv comfortable and the more I see them in Supreme the less /nope/ I feel about the brand this is psychological conditioning at its best
  15. muster day 2 he...went as a carrot what thats the most majestic carrot i've ever seen though in other news looks like our boy went on another late night adventure in Hongdae tonight! he asked for no photos to be taken or shared this time possibly after he got rekt by management the last time but it makes me really glad to see he can still comfortably go out on the streets without masks or excessive cover ups and still have his space respected. also the fact that he wants to do so in the first place speaks volumes. I do wonder what he thinks about on those walks though