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  1. 'love yourself : her' album discussion thread

    HOHOHO GREAT WALL OF TEXT COMING UP I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS ALBUM BUT FIRST THE PRODUCTION CREDITS except for GO GO, the members and especially Rap Mon contributed to every single track and its lyrics. They said this was the album they were most involved in and I don't think it's a coincidence it's my favourite so far so like. yea. i kinda really like this album
  2. audio Love Yourself 'Her' - Hidden Track: Sea

    The second Namjoon said this was inspired by 1Q84 I was a goner for this song Even though that book took me about 2 whole weeks to read and I still have no clue wtf it's about it's one of those books I'll never forget? and that's kinda this song for me rn LOL it's gonna be weeks till I can hear it on CD and idk wtf he's saying but i love it so much
  3. I•Seoul•U || BTS' Life in Seoul

    IS THERE ANY CONCEPT BETTER THAN BANGTAN HAVING FUN TOGETHER my goodness I love this so much If I wasn't already hyped for Seoul trip I definitely am now edit: just noticed at 0:16 the "this is the face of perfection comment" LOOOOOOL NO LIE
  4. THIS IS LIKE 5 DANCE PRACTICES AT ONCE THANK YOU BIGHIT Yoongi's shirt is so yellow i literally had to look away when he first popped in he's actually sunshine also i want to NEED to know what mask Jimin's wearing at the end and how's it staying on through a DANCE PRACTICE when i can't even make it the two metres from the bathroom to bed without them threatening to slide off about 4 times
  5. MIXTAPE LIVES WOULD BE A LITERAL DREAM COME TRUE either all of them together or separate or maybe just through vlive? either way those tracks are gems and deserve to be heard live The Last is my favourite Agust D track but same I get the feeling hoping to hear it live isn't realistic ;--; It seems like one of those tracks that'll probably never be performed live/only once ever in super special circumstances because of how intimate and personal the lyrical content is I'm totally down to be wrong tho
  6. 'Her' Album Details! + Pre-Order Details too~

    *hits that preorder button* why am I such a sucker for extra content why are preorders open on my payday why does bighit insist i end up living in a cardboard box DOUBLE HIDDEN TRACKS THO MORE THAN 100 NEW PICTURES AHHHH
  7. HANDS DOWN I would probably actually cry or just straight up not survive tbh but there's worse ways to go THIS ALL THE WAY AS WELL I'd love to see them just sit and jam to any of their songs all laid back like this or maybe some acoustic arrangements like the Young Forever stripped down ver.
  8. LOOOOL bighit be like "it's not the 18th" "love yourself is just the drama" "these teasers aren't for next comeback" rest of us be like
  9. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN WITH THIS I LOVE EVERY BIT AND PIECE OF THIS SO MUCH Firstly the cinematography is stunning it really reminds me of anime films like Your Name and 5cm per Second, except they captured that beauty in real life instead of on a canvas. JK's scene when their hands met and the realisation of Jimin zooming in on the girl were scenes where my heart literally stopped for a sec like oH, though for different reasons - out of the amount of hope and dread they brought the first time I saw them. I'm gonna always be grateful how BH doesn't skimp on the little details, there's quality in all areas of their releases even though they could totally cut corners and ARMYs would still probably eat it all up So proud of the boys' acting too! Barely a word was said in any of the scenes except for the narration but they still managed to convey so much through their expressions they're improving so much!! aND THE GIRLS ARE SO STUNNING CAN YOU BELIEVE THE GIRL IN THE JIHOPE SCENE IS ONLY 16 WTF ooo this is really interesting it's something I've been thinking about a lot recently and I think I'd literally nOPE and stop functioning for a bit if BH actually went down this route I haven't watched that movie yet but I'm definitely interested in checking it out now, thanks!!
  10. photos Love yourself: Teaser #7 Jin

    oh no i've become a pokemon i only know how to say one thing over and over: SO BEAUTIFUL HOW CAN HUMANS BE THIS BEAUTIFUL I can't decide if Jin or the flowers or the photography or just the whole concept is prettier
  11. Tattoos

    @SeokSeok THATS SO CUTE OMG such a pretty snowflake! before I got an actual tattoo I'd always use the temporary ones they're so great esp for trying out different tattoo locations 100% HAD THOSE THOUGHTS AHAHAH I was tossing up between the design I ended up getting and a non-bts related one for a while. Mine was inspired by their lyrics though and I figured that's 1) not obvious that it's a bangtan reference and 2) those lyrics will always mean something to me. With tattoos there's always the 'what if i completely change my mind after' worry but I kinda came to the conclusion that even if I don't relate as much to the meaning in the future it was once important enough to my identity to want it on my skin permanently and that's enough to justify it. Kinda like laugh lines or wrinkles in the way that in the future you might not like the look of it but it's a sign of happiness/your experiences when you were younger? Personally I'd never like...get the BTS logo or their names or anything done tho LOL too big a risk I love the idea of using tattoos to cover up scars too! It's a beautiful way of coming to terms or moving past the trauma.
  12. wAIT WHAT wOOPS SO SURPRISED I PRESSED POST TOO SOON I've heard of this but never realised they actually did it?
  13. Username: aureliaa Post Count: 100 Award: Taekook OTP Arrangement: JK INU - Taekook thank you once again! <3
  14. ^THIS HAHAHA I have trust issues when it comes to BigHit People were saying they're all wearing wigs as well? who knows tbh apparently somebody else saw them recently and Tae's got grey, Jimin's blonde, Yoongi's mint again and Hoseok's red.
  15. The Jeon Jungkook General Discussion Thread

    THE DROUGHT IS OVER apparently it's only been 51 days since his last post but rEALLY WAS IT BARELY TWO MONTHS IT FELT SO LONG