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Everything posted by aureliaa

  1. muster day 2 he...went as a carrot what thats the most majestic carrot i've ever seen though in other news looks like our boy went on another late night adventure in Hongdae tonight! he asked for no photos to be taken or shared this time possibly after he got rekt by management the last time but it makes me really glad to see he can still comfortably go out on the streets without masks or excessive cover ups and still have his space respected. also the fact that he wants to do so in the first place speaks volumes. I do wonder what he thinks about on those walks though
  2. @KookieMochi IF HE EVEN TRIES THE ACCIDENT LINE IM UNSTANNING EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY his dance focuses are always my fav i'm not whipped i promise he's so precise and clean in every move warning the end of this clip is not for the faint hearted pls be prepared Also this is a couple days late but seeing as I don't see it on the thread yet - he actually looks like an angel here He's so beautiful I could actually cry
  3. this boy's smile remains the epitome of all that is good in the world so i dropped by twt earlier tonight for the usual fluffy muster animal onesie photos and- wHAT IS THIS THIS IS SOME JIMIN BST LEVEL STUFF alRIGHT okookok this is okay this is alright,,
  4. Just caught up with Hobi's vlive and wow, his love for dance came through so strong. He's always been a massive inspiration to me in getting back into dance and it's especially heartening to see that he's come so far and made his name in other areas as well now but he's still got that same street dancer passion inside him. You could tell how much he missed Hope on the Street and being able to focus on dance - he's got tons of great projects going on but I guess your first passion always holds a special place :')) Really hope he does get to invite his crew on vlive or at least meetup with them again! (I actually can't remember if he's shown himself dancing with them as a crew but boy that would be amazing to see)
  6. THOSE NUMBERS it's amazing how they're still moving thousands of copies on some days over a month later
  7. THE DROUGHT IS OVER apparently it's only been 51 days since his last post but rEALLY WAS IT BARELY TWO MONTHS IT FELT SO LONG
  8. i came in here to procrastinate and ended up forgetting to breathe just yall wait ILL GET YOU BACK FOR THIS but for now here's some JPN tour Kookie: cr: as watermarked (what is he doing with the mic LOL) @poca if you have spare time I'm sure we'd all be delighted with new graphics! your work is always
  9. JUST WANTED TO SAY I LOVE YOU YOUR SIG omg ZLY is stunning I was on a bts photo thread and ended up staring at her for longer ;;

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    2. aureliaa


      and i'm glad you're using the sig :D  are you watching her latest drama? Princess Agents

    3. Stepkdramafan226


      I want to but I keep procrastinating. Is it good? 

    4. aureliaa


      The male leads are all so loveable I have not only second lead syndrome but third and fourth gdi

      It's a very....suspend debelief and all laws of physics show LOL and their fight scenes always end in ballet poses but I mean I'm still watching so it's not bad HAHAH

  10. I second, third, fourth, 92348203th everything everybody else's mentioned because J-Hope just has this way with making every verse he raps sound so catchy but also his verse in Born Singer ;; All the rappers were phenomenal in that. And Tomorrow!! The build up to his main verse
  12. Woah I noticed how good this sounded in the song but never knew the technicalities of it. Thanks for the insight!! I really love how many layers there are to BTS' lyrics. You're right, it's like a gift that keeps on giving and just makes each song that much more precious. @hyeonju omg we can cry together I still have yet to read the full lyrics for MAMA bc I keep tearing up and nope tbh I was pretty lazy with Wings lyrics bc I had exams so I never actually looked up First Love until after I was completely blown away by it live in concert. "Yeah, yeah I remember back then When I was fed up and lost Back then when I fell into a pit of despair Even when I pushed you away Even when I resented meeting you You were firmly by my side ... My birth and the end of my life You will be there to watch over it all" Suga's lyrics have always been hard hitting but I think this is by far my favourite of his works simply because of the sheer emotion and passion. It stays with me even now bc I wonder if I've ever been half as passionate about something, wonder what it feels like to love something from the second you're born to the second you close your eyes for the last time.
  13. @jin yea I totally get what you mean!! Usually that's me with most foreign artists but sometimes they sing so well I can't help but wonder what's driving that emotion and then it's down the rabbit hole from there @Seoks-j HAHAHAH THE SALAD LINE isn't it amazing how they can go from such heartfelt lyrics to stuff like 'she's my religion so i call her she-sus' and 'pls call me i'll buy you food' (this would totally work on me tho)
  14. Lyrics have always been what sets a good artist from an amazing artist for me, especially when they take part in writing like our boys. Seeing as BTS has a treasure trove of stunning lyrics, what are all our favourites? I'll start (lol nice joke i actually have no clue where to start i love them all) with J-Hope's lines in YNWA: "These wings came from pain But they are wings headed for the light" Simply beautiful. And the classic: "Whether you're young or old, whether you have a hidden child, I don't care because I love you Instead of holding designer bags, you hold my hand ... With you I draw out my future In between our couple shoes are a pair of baby sneakers" JUST THE WHOLE SONG TBH it's so innocent and fluffy #relogoals right there it warms my usually non existent heart i can't handle the amount of cute
  15. ohmygawsshhhh he's positively glowing!! ;; especially the middle set and the one of him smiling so hard his eyes are closed - the search for a new phone background is finally over
  16. BANGTAN PIERCINGS ARE MY FAVOURITE ACCESSORIES ON THEM I really like Tae's triple lobe but my original piercing is done too centrally to get the triangle config ;; Hoping to get double helixes instead once i grow some balls I can prep talk myself up to the allegedly soul crushing (?) pain!!
  17. gUYS I can't handle the rest of these Dispatch BBMA pics alone so I'm putting them here for us all to cry over together :^)))) imagine kook being your prom date and this is him getting ready to pick you up while the hyungs take 3290482 shots bc they're so proud of maknae
  18. Namjoon is legit such an amazing person sometimes I have to pause to remember that yea he's really real and we're so lucky he decided to be an idol and share himself with us ;; @Seoks-j yea his writing is so pretty!! it looks so natural too like he's been writing in japanese since forever I've been learning for like 3 years? and it's still so obvious that I'm not a native when I write LOL Have you guys seen that interview where he said he'd like to chat to ARMYs in cafe? Yooo I'm curiousss if you had a conversation with him what would you guys wanna talk about?
  19. Vante's first exhibition Their interactions are so cute! Classy V with his fashion and art appreciation is my one of my fav concepts he's exposed me to so many great artists
  20. @Seoks-j woooo getting into that festa spirit!! this thread is reminding me it's time to change my wallpapers it's been 2+ years ?? It's doctor!jeon from when he got a stethoscope at a fansign to motivate me for med and idk a fluffy marshmellow bunny hybrid squish..? it was cute LOL
  21. LOOOOOOL Every time he tells a bad joke I swerve a little more into his lane gdi he should release an ajae joke book next festa i'd learn korean for that
  22. @leanna @KookieMochi hi!! thanks for the welcome you guys are the sweetest <3 I was listening to all his covers back from the Marry Me and See You Again snippets till this year's festa and he's grown by leaps and bounds I'm so emotional rn ;; from shy bunny to whatever he thinks he was pulling yesterday (cr: in pic)