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  1. Happy September 1st


  2. Happy August 1st!

  3. Those door to door people returned this morning, seriously?! it's the dang 4th of july! you should be at home celebrating with your own family instead of bothering someone else's!


  4. Happy July 4th!

  5. Happy July 1st

  6. Happy BTS Festa!

  7. Happy Ghostbusters Day!

    Kkekekekekeke...kpop ghostbusters | Super junior funny, Super junior, Funny  kpop memes

  8. Happy 1st of June!

  9. May The 4th Be with You

  10. Happy Earth Day!

  11. *sees the new forum header*

    kpop memes - Mangago

  12. Happy St.Paddy's Day!


  13. Happy Birthday Suga!

  14. Happy 1st of March

  15. Happy late birthday J-Hope!

  16. Happy Friday the 13th!

  17. Got two kpop albums for christmas, Blackpink and Stray kids! (and a BTS bucket hat)

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