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  1. Me everytime I see ""Hello, this is BigHit Music" on Twitter

    mini heart attack challenge | ARMY MEMES Amino

  2. Anyone here wish BTS could perform at the super bowl?

  3. Going out later to get Pokemon Legends Arceus at GameStop, probably will pick Cyndaquil as my starter

  4. and on another note, Some person on DA sent me a note (PM) that said "Alicorn Sparkle #NotMyPrincess"

    Steam Workshop::Walter The Goofy Goober Waiter (The SpongeBob SquarePants  Movie) PlayerModel/NPC

  5. Got some bts merch for Christmas!, a bts hoodie, a PTD dance shirt and BTS Butter (album)

  6. Happy Birthday Worldwide Handsome

    Jin GIFs | Tenor

    1. sun0ochi


      I'm So LaTe BrO-

  7. Happy 1st of December!

  8. Today is my birthday!, I turn 29


    1. sun0ochi


      Ahh, happy belated birthday!

  9. Back from vacation and I can see the forum got a redo!

    Image about kpop in ATEEZ by Private User on We Heart It

  10. Happy 1st of November

  11. Went to a Halloween fest today and my stomach hurts from so much candy

    seungkwan meme | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

  12. I'm back! (And I'm aware this is a test forum!)

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    2. SailorMoonJoon92
    3. jin


      if you can, please spread the word that this place is working towards getting back up and running!! and we're in need of help~

    4. SailorMoonJoon92


      I can try, just made a tweet about it and linked your post about needing help!

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