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  1. news

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! @satoori I am much more excited now
  2. news

    I cannot wait for this
  3. No worries lol and sorry for the late reply Right now tumblr embedding is not possible but we are working on trying to implement it. Once a plugin is available for it, we will let you know!
  4. Awwww hello there
  5. Moni, your Namjoon Signature is slaying me so much right now :WOW:

    1. monimoni


      HONESTLY ME TOO. I had to set it as my sig because it was so beautiful not to look at all the time.

  6. JUST WANTED TO SAY I LOVE YOU YOUR SIG omg ZLY is stunning I was on a bts photo thread and ended up staring at her for longer ;;

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    2. aureliaa


      and i'm glad you're using the sig :D  are you watching her latest drama? Princess Agents

    3. Stepkdramafan226


      I want to but I keep procrastinating. Is it good? 

    4. aureliaa


      The male leads are all so loveable I have not only second lead syndrome but third and fourth gdi

      It's a very....suspend debelief and all laws of physics show LOL and their fight scenes always end in ballet poses but I mean I'm still watching so it's not bad HAHAH

  7. photos

    Binge watching a lot of BTS content in preparation <3
  8. I want subway :nolines:

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    2. Stepkdramafan226


      That's hilarious lol how could they?? :scaredjin:

    3. ᗷTᔕᒍᗩᗰᔕ🍓


      Ikr subway doing their fans, I mean their customers dirty smh 

    4. Stepkdramafan226
  9. v-app

    So hyped
  10. Happy birthday BTS, I love you <3
  11. announcement

    Happy 6 month anniversary everyone, Bangtanbase is growing so much and I look forward to seeing how much we will continue to grow
  12. event

    Incredible work so far. Thank you so much for this
  13. I am such a mess asdfghjkl!!! :iamdisgusted: