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  1. Je m'applelle Steph, Je suis Nigerian.
  2. Can we take this issue to bighit because this company is taking down creator's content. Maybe type the message of twitter or something.
  3. Username: Stepkdramafan226Post Count: 200Award: Rap Monster - War of Hormone Era Arrangement BTS Logo White version - Rap Monster War of Hormone Era JHope Run Era Thank you so much
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    Awwww that makes me extremely glad
  6. Very nice song <3


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      This song is really nice. It sounds summerish. <3

  7. I enjoyed the video. The only issue is that there was no tally of the sins at the end lol
  8. Hello Friend, thank you for following me :jin4:

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      omg my first ever friend here! <3

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    Congrats babys
  10. Time to put some makeup and post a selca
  11. How do you locate the playlist on spotify?' EDIT: mess I just saw you embeded it. I have the list now thank you
  12. Awww so sorry for the confusion, to filter by topic look at this screenshot below. Activity -> Unread Content -> Content types then click the drop down arrow and check mark topic. To the side of it there should be that settings icon then you can further filter by section
  13. Thank you so much for this
  14. @jin let me know that the feature to bookmark is not available to as add-on right now. We will let you know once we are able to implement it. Also there is a way to expand topics. On the main page just below the banner you should see 4 options, one of them is titled "Activity" Click on it and then on the next page as a subheading to activity tab an option called "Unread content" should be there. You can now customize it by selecting Content types and then Checkmark "topics. Hope that helps.
  15. Mess @me for the millionth time watching hana kimi (2007) original drama and still get addicted to it.