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      Join us on Friday 20th 6pm PST !! for our first concert stream event! Go to the Pumpkin Patch thread for more details and to check the start time in your timezone.
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      Be sure to follow the Pumpkin Patch thread so you don't miss out on any of the post race games or stream events!

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  1. news BTS 8th Japanese single album preview

    Wow, I am really looking forward to the new song
  2. event Fly To The Top!

    Awwww we achieved and surpassed almost all it
  3. event The Pumpkin Patch

  4. event Fan Work Awards 2017

    So exciting
  5. Everything Wrong With BTS - "DNA"

    OMG I love it lol
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    I just watched the episode and I laughed my butt of lol
  7. The Armory™ Thread (READ FAQ)

    Hello dear, sorry for the late reply. I changed it
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    I love it so much
  9. BTS hits 6 million followers on 'V-Live'

    Congrats boys
  10. Inkigayo Pre-recording set list (spoiler)

    OMG OMG OMG I am not ready but I want it now!!!!

    Ahhh they all look really good Great job!
  12. OMG army are so talented :cheer:


  13. event Fly To The Top!

    So excited