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  1. discussion Jeon Jungkook Rap Discussion Thread

    He's great. I'm in love
  2. This is only pre order and it can go up For reference, BTS' last single was Chi Ase Namida and it currently has 264k sales with 238k first week sales. So BTS passed their total chi Ase Namida sales with only a pre order.
  3. Not that it's day time but that it's Ellen. She's huge
  4. All this teasing Jeff and their PR team is doing... give me the rest of the info !!
  5. Honestly I don't think BH did this to "break into the US market" but probably as a gift to US fans.
  6. Purchased my albums hehe 100 cad (about 90 usd) lmao I have bills to pay. what am I doing??
  7. I'm currently on an MV binge and whatever I can find on youtube.
  8. I'm having major BTS withdrawls lmao I hope next week they start dropping stuff
  9. @satoori I hope they do attend. They have a lot of fun it seems and they can interact with friends. I just hope they don't get hurt like Jin did last year T_T
  10. I wonder if BTS will drop smth today. Teaser pics ???? *bites nails nervously*
  11. Excited for this project and awaiting CB news and teasers ...I'm going crazy out here
  12. event Guess the Comeback Date

    If they are doing 6pm releases now the US and Korea day will be the same. My guess is 9/9
  13. photos Love yourself: Teaser #1 Jungkook

    School is starting for me soon and now BTS is coming back T_T I feel you