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  1. I saw people considering the possibility of New York fashion week...which just happens to be Feb 8-Feb 16....
  2. I wonder what that schedule is ...CB preparations??
  3. ^ that's something I find great. Namjoon always wants to learn how to be more respectful and inclusive to everyone. He talks to a women studies professor and read a book on it. We're all human and are not automatically privy to issues that other groups of people face.
  4. I've been a fan since 2014 and I remember this very well. I think before BTS only a select group of people could win one, but now that BTS has come so far not being part of that group when future small company groups say "we hope to win daesang" they can look to BTS as inspiration.
  5. I don't understand this. So this app will be released internationally? Most people use iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify. Why would we need an app exclusively for Kpop? Physical album distribution? If this is a digital platform then how will it help with physicals?
  6. One correction: they will act as THE best boy band at the global market
  7. Hixtape: Feb 1st comeback: March 12th
  8. Come to think of it..only YF and LY:H were bright concepts in all of their releases lmao
  9. I'm going to be honest Kylie and her cosmetic team are shady af. Obviously a ploy to get retweets and free promo from army. Mic drop as a back drop to a make up clip doesn't even make sense
  10. Feburary is off limits because of the Olympics but March is lookin good. That means we will start getting teasers soon. Next two weeks maybe? I'm ready