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  1. Okay so the digital drops July and the concert is in September.
  2. I know. Man...I'm nervous and excited.
  3. @satoori I hope they can stay home for 2 weeks at least before they start really prepping for CB
  4. Wow their tour is nearing its end. Only 3 more shows. Now we have Bon Voyage 2, HixTape, Seo Taeji and comeback!!!
  5. Is this connected to SKT? I like that they used concept photos.
  6. This. The industry thinks BTS is a powerful presence in music Our boys made it
  7. About the Sports Seoul I heard it was by representatives of the industry. How popular is Sports Seoul ?
  8. nb4 BTS come out with their drama lol like EXO did lol. Please no....BTS members can't act except for Taejin and maybe J hope
  9. We didn't forget. I don't think it's connected to the CB tho
  10. So I heard the remake will come out in July (will it be a digital release?) and the anniversary concert will be in September (are they performing at his concert?). Based on this video they look like the only idol group chosen. What an honor.
  11. chart

  12. Thanks!
  13. Can you pin this topic?..I don't want it to get lost at some point
  14. I think you have to be big for along time to get something like this. All I know is their current 2 day gocheok tour is not cutting it. Maybe if they can fill more days there, Olymipic stadium can be 2 years from now. Their next Japanese tour I am confident will have a dome tour