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  2. RM explaining new BI

    I totally agree with that. Kim Namjoon is the kind of person that the boys and ARMY can count on, he's smart, has a big heart and wonderful. I wish more people were like that. We are tooo lucky to have him as a Leader.
  3. Kim Namjoon is cute. End of story. 

  4. I've been searching for it for almost 5 months now. I want to get out so bad because they give me this butterfly feeling 135764x than I usually feel. It's so bad, but I just can't stop. I find it enjoyable, but it drives me crazy. But they are one of the reason why I am not struggling to survive. So, it would be a pleasure to stay stuck and trapped in here.
  5. RM explaining new BI

  6. "I knew these small feathers would become wings. I knew the wings would make me fly. I had that faith along with laughter." "I believe in myself, my back hurting is for my wings to come out. I believe in you, even if things are bleak right now. The end will be great. Fly, fly up in the sky. Fly, fly get ’em up high, It’s the path you chose, dude don’t be scared. This is just the first flight" THEY CAN GO NOWHERE BUT UP!!!! PROUD is an understatement!!
  7. RM explaining new BI

    Namjoon and his words of wisdom. I'm an emotional bun!
  8. pann 170701 The truth that everyone knows except Taehyung

    I know! Our precious baby tae turns into a handsome, mindbogglingly prince!
  9. pann 170703 Perhaps this is Kookoo's way of working out?

    OMG!!!!! HAHAHAHAA! The last picture though Bunny Jungkookie!!
  10. I fell in love with them ... slowly... and then all at once. (yes, john green reference) hahaha!
  11. news BTS new logo

    this is just another new era and new identity ????
  12. Bulletproof: Who are you??

    Beyond The Scene: I'm you, but stronger.


    Both nervous and excited for this new era!!!! 


  13. BTS (방탄소년단) - LOGO ANIMATION (UPDATE:Articles)

    Mixed emotions to be honest. I'm excited, but nervous. Though, I've been looking forward to BTS' new era. Also, the concept is sort of Time Travelling (or not) then "See you there" makes a little more sense. And have you guys look at the logos it kinda look like doors entering/exiting?? But above all, Bulletproof Vest you will forever be missed!