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  1. news

    Echoing other replies, yep, CEO =/= chaebol, not all CEOs are filthy rich. For that, I'm actually glad. As much as we're all curious about their personal lives, the fact that 4 years down and there's still stuff about the boys that surprises us i.e new things to learn about their past, just means they keep a lot of their lives private and separate from their jobs which is a very good thing in my opinion. Isn't it strange that I feel that BTS reveal a lot about themselves while at the same time, they don't. I guess that just means they hit that perfect blend of how much they share info so they don't give all of themselves away to the public while still being relatable. To add to this, here's Peachisoda's translation of some K-army comments on this revelation: [PANN] 170714 ??? Is this true??
  2. news

    As soon as this dropped, everyone on twitter freaked haha. With the way they were talking, you'd think Jin was living in a mansion eating off gold plates. All the signs were there too >.> He went overseas to study once... Namjin, the rich parents of BTS. Edit: Jin is pretty much the living embodiment of a K-DRAMA PROTAG, where's his acting role? I need to see the chaebol boy in a love heptagon
  3. Hobi says peekaboo! He's been hiding his hair the last two times we've seen him, how suspicious. I'm not saying that it's because of hixtape, but let's just say it was for hixtape... IMHYPED
  4. bbase news

    I feel like an era is ending, but also beginning. I didn't go to any one of their concerts - they didn't go to my country - but I remember everyone talking about it and sharing links and fancams. So many things happened while the tour was ongoing too like the Hawaii trip, BBMAs(!), and all the Japanese promo. Everyone also mentions how much their lives have improved since their first one in Seoul. I'm satisfied, but also excited about what's to come next.
  5. Woww, I don't disbelieve it, Hoseok is so good, he was born to perform ;_; Yes, I know! I read some fan accounts of their concerts too. They always mention how great he is on stage, and how he seems to thrive off the energy of the audience when performing. Who knows how many at their concerts finally saw the light of sunshine Jung Hoseok and converted into J-Hope stans.
  6. ...My heart... Please watch this, it was from the TBS channel broadcast of their concert in Saitama. His facial expressions, his smile, that confidence, all that swagger and presence on stage, the way he swung the microphone stand around, the dancing, the way he bounces to the beat, he's so graceful, the final bit at the end with the close-up, I'm still trying to recover, I'm speechless, Jung Hoseok is just... really impressive. This is the first time I saw his stage for his song, Mama. I'm blown away, I'm glad my first time watching was the Japan broadcast, they shot it so well... Seeing him so happy on stage makes me happy too... why am I on the ground? It seems I've fallen and can't get back up
  7. If you're talking about them opening the bag with their feet on the grass, it's from Run BTS! Ep. 5.
  8. Glad to know that I have awoken a fellow ARMY to the greatness that is So 4 More; no one should sleep on it. Happy listening Bonus: The BTS episode of it has CC subtitles.
  9. Some credit goes to the person in the General Sales Thread over at OH for linking to the Yahoo article, I don't frequent news sites often. The difference between before and after finishing their Japan tour was just enough to push their way into the top 10.
  10. bbase news

    Thanks so much for this! I only heard about this channel recently, is there anyway a random person like me can help out with the channel in some way? Either way, this was a great summary to wrap up the last week!
  11. appreciation

    Ahh, thanks so much for compiling all these lyrics together. I always like Namjoon's lyricism. It's always a shame that a language barrier will be present when trying to understand his more metaphorical lyrics or those involving wordplay. The closest we can get to is having them being explained to us.
  12. It could be that Osen got their info from this source which does say that BTS ranked 10th on total sales in music software and also 10th in singles. Still dunno why those two sources (oricon news and yahoo japan) had different rankings, especially since Yahoo jp source also sourced their info from Oricon. But it's most likely due to differing aggregation periods. The one on Oricon News had it published 23/6/17 with an aggregation period of 2016/12/26 to 2017/6/19. Yahoo jp has theirs released 13-14 July which is more recent. The whole 'first half of the year' thing is probably just an easy way to describe the aggregation period.
  13. pann

    That just reminds of a time when someone over at r/kpop complained about that issue; everyone kept using different names to refer to the same boys. They know all their stage names like Suga, V, J-Hope, but then they come across Yoongi, Taehyung, Hoseok, Agust D, Hobi, Rapmon, Kookie, Joonbug etc, etc. and it just ends up confusing them I can relate to some extent because at the beginning I was really confused about why is everyone talking about Hobi, who is Hobi? Since that's one nickname most distant from Hoseok's actual name while still being relatively common. There was also that time a comment about Namjoon ended up being derailed from the main topic into talking about different nicknames and puns of his name. Namswoon is my fave from that. Edit: Found the Namjoon nicknames: https://www.reddit.com/r/kpop/comments/6kfefv/rap_monster_injures_himself_kicking_furniture_at/djllej9/
  14. Guess I'm the odd one out cos I'm not hungry Though that pizza definitely looks like a tasty place to go... I actually would want to go to The Min's tho, I spy BTS' anan photoshoots on their racks and I'd love to be able to flip through it once. And if the first restaurant is the same restaurant they went to back during Rookie King days, isn't it cute that they have a BTS shrine set up? :DD
  15. The formatting's dodgy, oh well <_> Saw this being posted over at Reddit, so I decided to put it up here as well. The article's under Tours on the website, which seems to be dedicated to providing information to tourists. I checked the languages and the articles also seems to have been translated into Korean, Japanese and Chinese; probably more than that too because they have more languages but I didn't check them all out. The first location just reminds me of that restaurant lady who said she was sure BTS was going to become big. It's amazing how things have come full circle.