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  1. A nice compilation of the BGM from the reels... mixes in the music from Suga's VCR, that I mentioned in my last post. On a related note,I wonder if the same composer did the music for some of the Wings VCRs. I'm wondering especially about the opening (where they give a nod to all their HYYH music videos) and Suga's.
  2. Something I noticed just now, listening to just the music from the highlight reels... did anyone else get reminded of Suga's VCR from the Wings tour when listening to the music in the 3rd reel? Both pieces have very similar qualities, both in melody and pacing -- the way it crescendos before it suddenly quiets again. It's interesting to watch the VCRs from the tour again, after having watched the 3 highlight reels. Edit: found a better quality cut of Suga's VCR
  3. In case anyone was looking for individual mp3 DL links of the background music (via @/ktaebwi): Highlight Reel 起 Highlight Reel 承 Highlight Reel 轉
  4. “Everyone was alone”.. BTS, ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ 3rd round of posters released Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003597344 translation: leece ____ Boy Group, BTS, is increasingly heightening anticipation by revealing posters for their ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ series for three consecutive days. BTS, starting from the 12th at 9pm to the 13th, midnight, has revealed the 3rd round of ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ posters, in order of Suga-Jungkook, J-Hope-Jimin, Rap Monster-V and V, through their official fancafe and SNS accounts. The posters comprise of 3 posters with the members in pairs and 1 poster with Jin solo, for a total of 4. Suga and Jungkook are in the inside and outside of a hospital while J-Hope and Jimin are idly sitting in a practice room. Rap Monster and V are, respectively, lying on asphalt and grass and Jin is sitting by the seaside with a melancholy feeling. For all 3 of the pair posters, the phrase is “After coming back from the sea, we were all alone” but on Jin’s poster, that was revealed last, the phrase, “If I could turn back time, I want to go back to that summer, to that sea” is written, piquing curiosity around the circumstances. With the launch of Jungkook’s poster, on the 11th, BTS has announced the start of a new series, titled ‘LOVE YOURSELF.” At the moment, it is planned to deliver the whole plot of the series through pre-promotion.
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    Not sure if I messed things up with my account but it seems... I had to recreate my account because I had signed up sometime after July 14th?
  6. [7 ‘Next generation’ Idol Composers to continue (follow) after G-Dragon] source: http://m.insight.co.kr/newsRead.php?ArtNo=114319 … ---- There are idols, following after G-dragon and Yong Jun-hyung (Highlight), that are ‘singer-songwriters.’ Not only do they compose and write music for their own groups, they offer their charming music to their colleagues, as well. Introducing idol group members that have outstanding musical talent and can be described as ‘those born to make music,’ without exaggeration. [article goes on to list the 7 idols and their composing/writing achievements Suga's section translated below:]
  7. Melon Hi-Fi Guide 2017.07.25 - The Meeting of Hi-Fi and BTS [by Han Ji Hoon] translated by leece (me) source: http://www.melon.com/musicstory/inform.htm?mstorySeq=5273 What genre do you think Hi-Fi audiophiles listen to the least? Blues? Icons of Blues B.B. King or Albert King are a given; Buddy Guy or Junior Wells are popular musicians. British Pop? There are many people who go as far as to import Fairport Convention or Sandy Denny albums from abroad and diligently listen to them. Among Progressive Rock, Alphataurus or Faust, who really experimented with music, and albums like Dr. Z’s [Three Parts To My Soul], fetch considerable prices among collectors, even now. Even traditional music such as, Gayagum Sanjo or Ajaeng Sanjo are being exposed to many through record labels like AKDANG or Audioguy. Ironically, the genre least listened to by domestic (Korean) audio enthusiasts is K-POP, the center and symbols of the Hallyu Wave. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, audio, as a hobby, tends to require quite a bit of finances so most don’t start seriously until after their 30s, when they have more economic power. In other words, there’s a bit of a generational gap with K-POP’s sentiments. Another reason is the sound quality. Early K-POP, in other words, the music of 1st and 2nd generation girl and boy groups, were lacking in recording quality, compared to their music videos. As a result, you listen to it a couple times and determine it doesn’t sound good and eventually, that gets applied and generalized to K-POP, as a whole. There is a saying in computer science, “garbage in, garbage out.” It means, if you input incorrect/bad data, your result will also be incorrect/bad. This phrase can be applied directly to audio, as well. No matter how high end your amp or speaker is, the resulting sound can only sound as good as your source/ if the source music is bad, the resulting sound will also be bad. Rather, if your amp and speakers are good but your source is bad, it could lead to disaster. It’s because, the more sophisticated the amp and speakers are, the more amplified the imperfections of a recording get. For example, it’s like if you look at a 320x240 resolution mpg on a 5120 x 2880 retina display, you can see, even more clearly, how low the picture quality is. From the point of view, BTS’s music was a big shock to me. “The sound quality from an idol group could be so good!” A moment when my preconceived notions completely collapsed. So much so that as soon as listened to the music, I wanted to personally find the recording engineer to talk with them and see what kind of equipment they were using because the sound quality stood out from other idol group music. The resolution of the sound, with resilient bass that's not over-the-top, overall dynamics (writers note: the difference between the loudest and quietest volume, the better the dynamics, you can hear a livelier scene), with balance between the high, mid and lows, are as good as (not losing out to) DG, Decca or ECM, brands well-known for how well they record, even when compared. It’s not just the sound quality that’s good. You get the feeling that BTS’s music, like a very well-crafted Swiss watch, is very-well constructed in an organized fashion. The rap line, centered around Rap Monster, SUGA, j-hope and the vocal line, centered around Jungkook, Jin, Jimin and V is a perfectly fitting ensemble so instead of the impression that one person stands out, you get the feeling of a cohesive team singing. Perhaps for that reason, participants of “Produce 101” might have chosen to appeal with BTS’s “Spring Day” or “Boy In Luv.” So then, what aspects should you focus on when listening to BTS’s music to increase your enjoyment? My thought is, compared to other K-POP music, listening to the source device would be good. With something so meticulously recorded, rather than a compressed file, rather than a PC sound card or smartphone with a D/A converter (writer's note: device that converts digital signals to analog signals, simply put, converts digital files into analog audio formats), I think it's ideal to listen to it on a proper D/A converter (in it’s lossless form) where you can hear the essence of the music and better understand their message. [t/n: kind of glossing over this part because he goes into some technical detail about audio equipment — he notes that he’s listened to their discography from “Spring Day” to “No More Dream” (in reverse order) and found the Mytek Manhattan 2 D/A Converter + Ultrasone HFI 78 headphones to sounded the best to him.] If you’ve simply liked them for their dance, performance and/or looks, carefully listen to their songs in lossless, with a proper D/A converter, you’ll notice things you haven’t heard before. You can listen to BTS’s music in lossless high resolution through Melon Hi-Fi.