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  1. pann

    okay CEO ... anyway I believe this I accept and understand everything of them but ... no one can confirm except himself though
  2. GOD BON VOYAGE BEHIND CAM IS SHOCKING ME IN EVERY EPISODE..... HERE COMES MY VMON AGAIN Same bed is really really a big surprise for me, and here comes the hugging tae has a habit of hugging a pillow, and this time he treated namjoon as a pillow namjoon had to shake him off! awww I can't imagine but it's so cute to hear! (namjoon pretended to blame on this but anyway he just loves this maknae) allllllright!!
  4. okay but I'm so touched by yoongi's 'namjoon-ah'
  5. and i laugh so hard everytime i think about that unintentional hand shake
  6. thank you dear i hope we both will go well with it
  7. Glad that you have improvements with this dear thank you Sent from my Lenovo TB3-710F using Tapatalk
  8. Yes dear thank you I hope we could all overcome this fighting[emoji5] [emoji5] [emoji5] Sent from my Lenovo TB3-710F using Tapatalk
  9. Thank you dear for such high compliment and I love everything about tomorrow this song. I really hope I can get away with my anxiety one day
  10. are they really sleep on one bed cuz it looks like there's only one huge bed in their room
  11. And I was excited a few hours after knowing they're in the same bed again besides the roommate stuff my heart can't possibly stand on that (poor kookie....)
  12. log

    this log makes me think a lot... literally it's necessary for namjoon and other six to have a good rest because making music is tiring, and they couldn't have endless inspiration. he definitely wants to do better than the past self because if he couldn't make progress, the general public wouldn't appreciate their music anymore. it reminds me of how they gradually change their style from dark&wild to hyyh just to match for the taste of most people. i've read a fan's comment about how they want to do the popular genres and then when they reach the top, they could go back and do their initially favourite music. but the music nowadays they still like it. well then that's good. i talked to a fan that i've known for no longer ago who also stans namjoon and she said the log reminded her of the skit "on the start line"in their debut album. nowadays namjoon encounter the feeling of loss in a slightly different way. he's anxious. i'm glad he could have a well rest and fully prepare to come back.
  13. recently so in love with this underrated song from dark&wild
  14. appreciation

    Rap Monster - Always General comment: Namjoon expressed the suicidal thoughts in this song as he had them in the past (in his v live 'RM Hello to 2017' he talked about this song, he said he no longer feel like the one with such thoughts). Overall is a heartbreaking song with lyrics full of self-reflection. "Loud silence" is "a combination for epigrammatic effect of contradictory or incongruous words". Similar to the usage of living dead, Namjoon uses this oxymoron to illustrate an image of an internally-dead person who is still living in this loud world. The world has misunderstood him and treated him badly that's why he has such suicidal thoughts. He could no longer treat himself as before, hr misses his original self, he has lost himself because of being misunderstood by the world. And he wishes he could bring back his past self, and he also wishes he could accept now as himself. (If you can then click on the quote there's some good explanations) Namjoon here plays on homophone of 'dead' and 'dad'. Dad in the 1st and 2nd could represent his role as a leader in BTS and the 3rd time could mean the God. He prays to God and hopes God will understand him.
  15. i'm suffering right now due to low self-esteem...