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  1. poll Billboard Fan Army face-off

    EXO was facing BTS in the first round. It was tough but BTS won the vote. Now it seems EXO fans are voting for Big Bang: they went from 600000 votes in the first round to more than 3 millions
  2. poll Billboard Fan Army face-off

    At the bottom of the page, in the Orange section, you will see BTS facing Big Bang. It might be confusing because it looks like BTS has already won and is facing Ed Sheeran, but that is not the case yet. As of now, BTS is losing to Big Bang by nearly half a million! And voting ends today! So anyway click on the Matchup between BTS and Big Bang and that is how you can vote for BTS.
  3. Make sure to vote for BTS on Billboard Fan Army face-off! http://www.billboard.com/fan-army-bracket/