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  1. will there be background music added by you or does our own audio remain?
  2. Now it's been a year (and one day) since I joined Bbase! :jhheart:

    I haven't been really active but nonetheless had many nice and interesting discussions here, hopefully we all will spend many more years together on this site! :RJ:

  3. Wow. I 've been exactly 11 months on Bbase:jhope8:

    1. SeokSeok


      Congratulations! :armyryan:

    2. I. Am. Jimin's
  4. oh, so that's why I don't remember and don't want them back though (I never use them anywaysxD)
  5. Please transfer my points, too. Thanks for the notice
  6. Like with every BTS album, I can never decide on a favourite one I like how diverse the tracks are! 'So what' has some 80s/00s vibes for me and The Truth Unfold is surprisingly a ballad while 134340 has jazzy vibes and strong meaningful lyrics But to sum this whole album up: It has no flaws. That's it.
  7. Ok, so I'm back earlier as I thought!


  8. Hi, 

    if anyone sees this: In case you want to contact me, I'm going to be on hiatus til the beginning of July. I will start writing my finals (Abitur) next month and as they are somewhat important to me (those 12 years being in school ain't for nothing) I will entirely focus on my studies. If there is something urgent or you want to ask me something, this is my Email address: dinthuha@gmail.com 

    Love you all and see you in a few weeks!


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    2. thuha


      Thank you! I safely (probably) survived the written exam period for now <3


    3. ChimTae


      You posted this the day before my birthday :trolltoto:

    4. thuha


      Haha, happy belated birthday!:jungkook9: