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  1. Hi, 

    if anyone sees this: In case you want to contact me, I'm going to be on hiatus til the beginning of July. I will start writing my finals (Abitur) next month and as they are somewhat important to me (those 12 years being in school ain't for nothing) I will entirely focus on my studies. If there is something urgent or you want to ask me something, this is my Email address: dinthuha@gmail.com 

    Love you all and see you in a few weeks!


    1. Cypher•


      good luck with your finals! :cheer:

  2. Check out their WINGS concept book @satoori made a compilation of the translated chapters on Bbase
  3. That moment when GOT7 announce they come to Germany but you still live too far away (and are too broke to even buy train tickets). Hoping for a miracle lel:why: (why am I so emotional anyways? I don't even stan GOT7 that much:jin8:)

    1. I. Am. Jimin's

      I. Am. Jimin's

      Aw I'm so sorry 

      I will wish for you 

    2. thuha


      Thank youjimin9:

  4. Hitman Bang. What three things do you appreciate the most about yourself? (characteristics, looks etc.)
  5. I once dealt with someone in real life regarding this topic and all I said was: "If this is what you think about them, then it's your own opinion." (sry, English isn't my native language. The sentence must sound a bit weird) and I also always try not to blow up (I totally feel you there). What I want to express with this statement is that if a person does not have the same opinion as us, we don't have the right to hate them or even just dislike them for it. (I know, it's difficult to keep this in mind especially if you are confronted with them at the moment.). But of course it's not right to reduce BTS or kpop by appearance. (you can answer: "What are you even saying? You cannot judge a person by their appearance. It's your right to dislike kpop but be at least respectful." ) On the internet it's almost even more difficult as we and the haters comment as anonymous individuals who can hide behind a mass of people. It's especially important to be calm here and think thoroughly before we answer. People are easily influenced by haters and how we respond will also determine which side other passersbys will take on. (My advice is to act like stated above (or use some lyrics which are not too provocative: "Live a life man, good luck. No need to see/meet each other again.", "love myself, love yourself" etc) If you need more advice or don't know how to deal with them, you can count on us by writing a post like you did here. Together we can figure out a good solution. "Teamwork makes the dream work" - RM and "you never walk alone"