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  1. game Count to 2018

  2. game Count to 2018

  3. game Count to 2018

  4. game Count to 2018

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  6. game Count to 2018

  7. If you want to dig into more serious topics, I recommend songs like "No more dreams" (Official trans in the MV), "Butterfly", "Whalien 52" and like most of their side tracks. I believe that Bangtansub's translations are trustworthy. But you said you like funny and up-beat songs, right? "Fire" sounds legit like a song you hear on parties but if you listen more closely to the lyrics, you'll know that there's more to it ("Stop comparing, I'm just me"). You could also use the official translation for this song ( subtitles for the MV).
  8. First of all, thank you @jin. Thank you for creating a forum where we can talk with A.R.M.Y's from all over the world. Even though I'm not as active as other members here, I still appreciate the topics we talk about, for example their albums. Everyone is just really kind and supportive! Dear BBase staff, thank you all for perpetuating this lovely forum. In the short time I was here, the forum got better and better rapidly. New features, new designs,.... I am super proud of you !
  9. appreciation Why We Love BTS

    Just their music is enough for me to like them, as I can relate to its topics. It addresses things not many want to talk about! Aside from that, they are not only the artists I look up to but also their personalities and acts are what makes me to see them as my role models.
  10. discussion About Fanboys

    Like I always think: People can not be necessarily defined by their interests or looks and you cannot judge a person unless you make the effort to get to know them! Also the stereotypes of fans of idol groups play certainly a role, as most people think that we see them as love interests, which can be true ("celebrity-crush") but doesn't have to be. If the boys were female, I couldn't care less. We love our dorks for their music and also their beautiful personalities and are interested in seeing them grow as artists and human beings.
  12. game Count to 2018

    18! (2000 more)
  13. To be honest, I'd be like "MOM, I'M NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO AGAIN. LET ME TOUCH YOU (FOREVER)."
  14. (CLOSED) BTS BOX Giveaway

    That's very nice of you. I hope that you'll get more customers by doing this giveaway!
  15. award show [2017] MAMA Voting Guide

    Since a while ago the sponsor qoo10 changed their guidelines and offered two apps to vote you can find them here