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  1. Valentan's Day Lotto

    happy valentines day everyoneeeee<3
  2. I'm so happy radio 1 have finally done this! and Adele did such a great job! it makes me incredibly happy that they know UK army
  3. ahhhh!!!! 4000 wooooo I always come back to BBase because of how friendly everyone is and there's no stress i can just browse and chat and not worry about drama unlike twitter I love all you guys so much you're all so nice and this forum is literally SO CHILL soooo thanks to everyone who runs it and puts in hard work to make sure everything is perfect for the rest of us !
  4. Intro: O!RUL8,2? - 100 N.O - 99 We On - 97 If I Ruled the World - 100 Coffee - 100 Cypher Pt.1 - 96 Attack On Bangtan - 100 Paldogangsan / Satoori Rap - 92 Outro: Luv in Skool - 100
  5. HELLO i didnt log in over christmas really so THANK YOU FOR THE CHRISTMAS CARDS OH MY GOSH YOU'RE ALL SO CUTE<3

  6. It's been such a great year for BTS, I cant wait to see what next year brings!
  7. I just wanted to say RIP to Jonghyun, it really hurt me today to hear the news as shinee have helped me fight many battles and have been a huge part of my life. Sending love to any fellow Shawols.

  8. Hello!!! I've been so inactive the last few weeks because of uni work and stuff </3 i'm back now ready to celebrate christmas with ya'll so 


    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! if you celebrate it!


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    2. SeokSeok


      Welcome back!!!:celebrate:

      Happy to hear that you'll be celebrating christmas with us!

    3. movietvdrama
    4. Ell
  9. Okay so ya'll know I'm like a cheerleader for BTS coming to the UK and all but there's been some stirring up of news that there's a documentary being made by the BBC about BTS and it's been confirmed! I'M SO EXCITED! us UK stans finally get something woohooooo
  10. Sorry I wasn't active on here oh my gosh, I was so tired and had 20394 tabs open at once + also running a snapchat story BUT WOW OMG IT WAS AMAZING THEY WERE AMAZING I LOVE THEM apparently they were top of google search results as well after the awards which is MAD anyways just gonna go nap for 12 hours now because i was up until 4:30 and had a lecture at 9 :-))) BYE
  11. I dont know why this one made me giggle but it did
  12. i HAVE ACTUAL TEARS IN MY EYES AT THE FANCHANTS I hope they leave them in the final edit. This is insane guys I can't believe they're actually doing all this someone hold me Also the Shibuya thing is so cool!! I was there a couple of months ago so I just wish all of it was going on then :''(