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  1. fan project - Purple -

    So excited
  2. interest gauge Mafia Game Interest Gauge

    They might tbh, I mean we can theme games out a bit too; just for potential people to join.
  3. interest gauge Mafia Game Interest Gauge

    I'd like to join!
  4. Suggestions Thread

    A blog? A weekly or fortnightly blog about BTS, the forum and more? of course; just wondering this could be possible because that'd be fun to read.
  5. Ask a question to an user below you~

    There are quite a few; but the closest to my heart would be Reflection, Awake, Born Singer, 비 and 바다. They give strength. And sometimes; it's just me listening to Namjoon and Seokjin's narrations, that helps through the dark. -- What BTS quotes and lyrics do you keep close to you in hard times? What are your views on youth; and reflection in one's inner self?
  6. We hit 4000 members!

    Wow~!! Our family has grown so much! Thank you to each of us who is a part of this forum!! It's always fun to talk to everyone here, you all are angels embodied smh But it is especially fun to talk and joke around with @aureliaa and @KookieMochi ily guys And of course; everyone here is like family to me here.
  7. What site events would you like to see?

    lmao count me in for the fic contest!!!! A guess the user type of thing where the qualities and hints of the bbase user is given and you have to guess them? idk I'm bad at ideas sorry.
  8. BTS Outcast Official Thread

    The aesthetics for that one was nice, I guess. Thank you so much 💙💜 - The Vjin concept has just made me realise that how good of a sci-fi game or movie this could be. Because if they shift people from realities to virtual worlds; damn Vjin are powerful antagonists (assuming they are)
  9. BTS Outcast Official Thread

    Aw, Thank you!! If she does; I might cry lmao
  10. BTS Outcast Official Thread

    I made some edits for this hell of story!
  11. BTS Outcast Official Thread

    The real theory guys
  12. BTS Outcast Official Thread

    Believe me; i know what's up
  13. BTS Outcast Official Thread

    Personally, if Hoseok is alive in the house and being honest; it would make YG happier, and prevent outcast plot falling into place. Tbh all idols are also reading it, from Victon to EXO yah, don't. It's not my fault timezones are thing, @KookieMochi.
  14. BTS Outcast Official Thread

    Yoongi is a chill dude Is it weird that Yoongi doesn't question things at all? Is the Yoongi character in making?
  15. BTS Outcast Official Thread

    welp, i love namjoon so much he's my fav THIS proves that Joon's probably completed the game. Namjoon definitely, DEFINITELY KNEW TOO MUCH. The Creator updated the game, knowing Namjoon is very aware. Jimin's chilling, having a pizza in some room. He's lost and in the dark. Maybe its also referring to someone's mental state, idk. AHHH i wish he could pull it out.