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Blue Midnight Moon

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  • Birthday December 4

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    Lord of the Universe, Jin
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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Blue Midnight Moon

      Blue Midnight Moon

      Literally saw this right now. Thank you!

    2. kingseokjin1992
  2. @MC_is legit the best person ever I WANNA CRY:wow:

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    2. MC_


      naaaah, you're really kind!!! jimin9::rapmon9: thanks @DIPI

    3. Blue Midnight Moon

      Blue Midnight Moon

      Both of you guys, are the best! :wow:

    4. DIPI


      @Blue Midnight Moon You are making me embarrassed!!!:jhope5:

  3. Happiest Birthday to the most beautiful and amazing person May you have a shining day and enjoy a lot, Rin!

  4. "Have I lost myself?

    Or have I gained you?"

    Singularity by BTS - Kim Taehyung

  5. The new theme ///OH MY GOD///

    it looks so classy~ and the name :jin2:

    1. Titan
    2. Blue Midnight Moon

      Blue Midnight Moon


      Y'all rlly hurting the SINner in me ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ:rapmon1:

  6. Any of you guys know any good sites via which i can link pics? Imgur...it wasn't the best experience (to say the least...)

    1. poca


      maybe tinypic?

      I've only ever used that once though (since i usually use imgur)

    2. Blue Midnight Moon

      Blue Midnight Moon

      ooh, I'll try that. Thank you^^

  7. suho stop being so short that you don't even fit in the cover photo challenge

  8. EXO Planet is absolutely amazing, don't you think?


  9. Thanks for the follow~


  10. "My character’s like half and half. Who knows?
    A public figure’s striving life. Who knows?
    Abstaining from large cravings. Who knows?
    Always out of breath for daydreaming. Who knows?"

    -Daydream, Hope World by j-hope

  11. "Ruby lights and
    we bump so loud
    The bass is getting louder
    Ready to turn it up"

    -That's My Jam by Best Absolute Perfect [B.A.P]

    m/v here

  12. The real question is,, is me randomly posting song lyrics gonna become a song of the day thing?

  13. "She is leaving
    And I can’t do anything
    Love is leaving
    Like a fool, I’m blankly standing here."

    If you by Big Bang 

    ((Jungkook's cover of this song, wow,,,))

  14. "I only ever listened to hip hop
    Now I’ve turned acoustic

    Tell me what you want from me
    We’re at the age we look the most beautiful
    So we need to love to the fullest"

    - I am You, You are me by Zico.