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  1. looooooool yees is cute c:
  2. ohhh you're right lol i guess i made a mistake
  3. HYYH pt2 is still my n°1 BTS album, i have tried in the past choosing a top5 but i can't lol it keeps changing cause i love all their discography
  4. You need to click on the photo of the member you want, and then if you have enough bombs to buy it click buy&use. If you don't have enough bombs you can ask for them on the donation thread. Talking about it @jin the donation thread is archived and i dont' think people can comment on it can you un-archived it? lol
  5. i bought Yoongi to be full on theme lol
  6. mmmm weird, dm or comment in inquiries so one of the staff can help you.
  7. maybe you choose buy& store? you can check in "my items" to see if you have it on there.
  8. thanks i forgot the name too lol i bought the name color change it doesn't come with a gif but i guess with that i cant use it until it's done.
  9. did someone click the thing? i can't do it cause it says i have to wait until my last upgrade is done and i want to know what it does lol