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      Join us on Friday 20th 6pm PST !! for our first concert stream event! Go to the Pumpkin Patch thread for more details and to check the start time in your timezone.
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      Be sure to follow the Pumpkin Patch thread so you don't miss out on any of the post race games or stream events!

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  1. The Journal Thread

    did you use planners or agendas before a bullet journal? i think the best of bullet journal is the fredom to make it whatever works for you and if make it pretty motivates you to use it i think achieves its purpose. nooo it's really pretty.
  2. The Journal Thread

    This is so aesthetically pleasing, your bullet journal is so nice. Mine is more task oriented and follows the bullet/ small sentences style. At the beginning i tried to make it really pretty and colorful but i have used it for year and a half so now is all plain and ugly lol. Yours is really creative i love it
  3. event The Pumpkin Patch

    @vmin Thanks!
  4. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    i'm still going to keep an eye on his birthday cause if you're right like with the comeback date, i'm going to ask you to give me lottery numbers lol.
  5. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    but yours was more specific than mine.
  6. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    hixtape january 2018 (i think lol)
  7. The Bangween memes thread 🎃

    last year they gave us so much meme material
  8. game What Comes to Your Mind?

    cheesecake (loool) art
  9. award show BTS 2017 MAMA Nominations

    Today we fight💪