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  1. audio Champion (Remix) - Fall Out Boy ft. RM of BTS

    Thanks for the lyrics. but i guess for me is different cause i never listened Fall Out Boys lol
  2. audio Champion (Remix) - Fall Out Boy ft. RM of BTS

    Less than 8 hour for me
  3. @Maphisto40 it's not out for me too,well it sure is a surprise to me never saw that coming.
  4. lol fail. it's an announcement or it's already out?! how come no one is talking about it?
  5. cr @Maphisto40 i don't get it what is that?
  6. game 30 Day Bias Challenge

    1.Cypher 2. Yoongi, Jin, Hoseok, Jimin 3. day 13 4.
  7. ARMY Confessions

    same, i enjoy the stage perf cause the choreo is fun and they're cute but i just never feel like listening to the song.
  8. ARMY Confessions

    is it even a confession at this point? i feel like everyone knows i'm not very fond of GOGO.
  9. The Min Yoongi Discussion Thread

    omg :' )it's adorable lol lil kook on the floor.
  10. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    kind of unpopular opinion but i liked the curly hair lol it's cute.