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  1. On the May 25 episode of “Music Bank,” BTS’s “Fake Love” and GFRIEND’s “Time for the Moon Night” were up for first place, but in the end, BTS came in first. Congratulations to BTS! This week’s episode also featured performances from (G)I-DLE, N.Flying, W24, The Boyz, DreamCatcher, Lovelyz, Ben, SNUPER, IZ, UNI.T, Youme, Kanto, CROSS GENE, Tweety, Teen Top, Peppertones, and Hwang Insun. cr:soompi
  2. it's not on youtube yet but you can see fake love performance on ellen here
  3. i can see it on RM but not in the other members lol
  4. No one does camera work like Korea :' ) and that last part lol i have seen so many new theories because of that.
  5. i didn't thought i could love this song more than i already do, but that choreo really made it posible hope the rumors about Airplane pt2 getting a MV are true.
  6. this choreo is soooo fun and the outfits are adorable. sadly i think i made up my mind and i don't think i like this song lol oh well
  7. i knew they were going to make it, but it still makes me emotional ;--; congrats boys.
  8. i guess we'll get this for FESTA?>