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  1. it must be because i'm not korean so it's not in my culture to see them as cute but when i see eye's bags i relate it with lack of sleep. That been said they do look cute.
  2. cr that first gif lol what is going on
  3. cr: Eternal Diamond cr: Eternal Diamond Eternal Diamond
  4. i find my line in BTS 



      Same I cheat a lot on test on games a lot of stuff

  5. @sungel i'm not surprised antis always say this about any BTS achievement. It doesn't matter to be honest, BTS keeps doing better every year despite antis complains.
  6. i'm here to bring the iconic banana Jin can you all believe that Jin was the real creator of the made a photoshoot on a random place challenge? TRENDSETTER
  7. 180322 @BTS_twt Jin's Tweet Seokjini Trans cr; Soren @ bts-trans