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  1. story of my life everytime i think something makes sense, BH drop another video and i'm confused again. also...you always kill me with your signatures
  2. that's the end of INU too, so is this the end of HYYH?
  3. i thought the same thing when i watched yesterday's film. LOL i feel you so much, mine isn't amnesia, but i too stop reading a book/watching a series if some tropes appear, i just don't have patience.
  4. #445 I have until saturday to read 2 books but i keep repeting the Highlight Reels, BTS what are you doing to me :' )
  5. What the HELL that's REALLY blond
  6. he just can't escape from water.
  7. mv

    Dope is sooo close to 200M. Stream if you have the time
  8. nothing is more hot than Hobi running on the rain,i'm blessed. looool
  9. there's too much death in this theory for me to like it (something i never believed i would say )
  10. merch

    Not somthing i'm planning to buy but i hope the sales do well.
  11. article

  12. the whole "they're not real" theory seems more valid now, and this is givining me "if you don't learn from your past and instead just try to act as if nothing happened the story will repeat over and over again" . And tomorrow is going to be the conclusion and i'm going to be on class ;---;. why do i feel like the actual MV is going to be about them AFTER the girls dissapear.
  13. thaaanks, seen the scenes makes it more sad and real.