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  1. @sungel that's what you call talent., he can be funny in any situation.
  2. after a year i was sure that collab wasn't going to happen anymore but it's heeeeeeere
  3. i forgot it was today. Well, hopefully we're getting the last member in 2 days.
  4. trueeeee but i was pretty used to the pg+13 story line in those videos, i wasn't expecting seen it in front row.
  5. @JoyD as far as i know yes,the likes are only for reputation.
  6. i know the HYYH plot was sad but actually seen it? it destroyed me.
  7. Hi! you earn bombs by posting.
  8. ^he always pouts :ccccc so cute but now he also smells the trophies? whut
  9. i shouldn't laught cause i'm tiny af but....lol
  10. ohhh i completely missed that announcement (or more probably, saw it and forgot about it)
  11. i would have spill out my coffe in the first minute.
  12. So according to Jimin's tweet about this been their last award i guess they're not going to Gaon
  13. my dumb self understood that as "the company didn't planned to debut the junior group but they're debuting anyways" and i sat there for at least a minute thinking if TxT pulled a Jin and decide to debute themselves, but then i read another translation that said the comapny didn't ask us to said this and now i understand.
  14. the translation was the best part, and Jin stress-screaming made my day looooooooool.
  15. @Flame really? i think most groups have at least one member with a stage name.
  16. @Flame now that you mention it....it seems like all of them are using their real names? no stage names?