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Everything posted by Cypher•

  1. So i finally watched the vlive Muster and what the hell, that was another concert, when did they had time to rehearse a completely new setlist in the middle of Speak Yourself.
  2. @sungel they're getting more brave with time lol if they had more Muster dates maybe they would had ended up dancing to Boy With Luv.
  3. this is too cute ;---; there's a lot of reasons to be sad for not been able to go to a MUSTER but this is definetely at the top of the list, imagine seen this cuteness in person.
  4. it's fiiine AJ take care of you first, we can always play later! ohhh but now that the member are free i'm going to try the other members stamps even tho i'm still team suga at heart lol
  5. For some reason i forgot that new music would mean a new MV lol i was so confused when i saw this. Anyways i love then original japanese songs i'm so excited to hear it
  6. https://www.vlive.tv/video/134733 asdfghjkjhgfdfg whyyyy
  7. the fact that they're so involved in the internet fandom is terrifying..
  8. Once i see fancams for Whalien 52,Ma City,Paradise and Love Maze is over for me.

    They really gave me my fave songs from HYYH pt 2 AND LY:Tear 

  9. if it's 2 wins more i think BWL can do it, just the fact that it has won this many times it's amazing to me.
  10. https://www.vlive.tv/video/134640 baby on vlive
  11. this is so cute TT especially how Mang walks (but it must be so frustrating to the person inside the costume lool such tiny steps)
  12. this was a brilliant idea ;---; they're so cute.
  13. i'm sooo late :c but happy anniversary to BTS even tho i missed the radio show, seen them in different themes every year is cute. (i see they went for juice and soda this year lol maybe they saw all the drinking memes fans did) "My kid is smart but doesn't study" LISTEN! I came here to have a good time why am i been attacked loooool ... they're such nerds, all those cartoon and anime references omg i love them.