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Everything posted by Cypher•

  1. Maybe, just maybe, i cried watching this :' D
  2. Hopefully this will be the last update on this game and next thing we hear it's the release date.
  3. ep.11 Ok here's an idea, for now on Yoongi lives in an aquarium so he can't set anything on fire and Hobi never EVER gets even close to a stair cause everytime he does his feet suddendly forget how to function.
  4. that's an insane amount of pre-orders, this comeback is going to be huge.
  5. in Hobi's hometown :' ) nice. Hope he has time to see his family.
  6. so they answered the same questions as we did? lmao Jin even forgot Jimin's name and i can't wait to see them sing their old songs again it's been so long (tbh the last time was DNA comeback show but still)
  7. it's great seen both perspectives of the same thing,im going to re watch hobi's vlive now lol. Also that cake looks sooooooooooo good ;-;
  8. cr