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  1. award show Melon Music Awards 2017 Viewing Party

    Oops I forgot this would not be partially english
  2. award show Melon Music Awards 2017 Viewing Party

    I have a hangover, work in 7 hours, my breakfast is garlic bread (i know don't say anything), let's fucking do this.
  3. award show American Music Awards Viewing Party!

    apparently, they are second to last. So take a glass of water or walk around for a bit, lol. Okay, pfew. We survived that part. I hurt my neck looking from the tv to my laptop. they look SO good. I am SO hyped. Jesus.
  4. award show American Music Awards Viewing Party!

    yoooo time to party
  5. [Album Discussion] 2 Cool 4 Skool

    I know you'd like a discussion but I'd just like to add on an emotional level that I like it is one of my favorite kpop love songs, and whenever I hear it and I'm in the right mood for it I will not be able to whipe the smile of my face Also, I used to think No More Dream tacky af but then I saw the dance version of the mv and that changed my mind. I'm also a sucker for that Hobi look with that mask. So punk. Rawr.
  6. game Count to 2018

    5 yo
  7. This is it, this is nirvana, walhalla, heaven, orgasmic, i don't know what other words to use I AM LITERALLY NAUSEOUS WITH EXCITEMENT

    I genuinly don't meant to stir shit up or hurt your feelings, especially since you say that you really like Iron, but on many other social platforms armys have been very vocal about how Iron is a horrible person/problematic/yadda yadda yadda. Could you explain to me why? Or why not? I want to be educated
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! :scaredjin:

    1. sevenprinces



  10. hello there ! i wanted to welcome you to our bbase family ! :)

    i hope youll have fun in here and get to meet new friends. people here are really the best.

    keep on supporting bts and enjoying the bbase community 


    1. sevenprinces



      Thank you so much for your warm welcome! You're the sweetest. :why:

  11. game What Comes to Your Mind?

    Anxiety cough ratatouille
  12. event The Pumpkin Patch

    This is awesome
  13. I think this is it. Nontheless, I think it's supercool. Borderline spooky, but supercool.
  14. It took me 30 minutes because I kept freaking out BUT: Just One Day Stigma House of Cards I Like It First Love Awake Love is not over Serendipity Cypher 3 Young Forever Is pretty accurate. I was already aware of the top 4. Also, looking at this, I think it's ironic because I'm not big on ballads.
  15. Everything Wrong With BTS - "DNA"

    'Do you think BTS sometimes loses one of it's members and doesn't even notice for a few days' cracked me tf up