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  1. @AuriaRose @Chim Chim Star™ @onthebay @Camu i love you, discord squad best squad <3
  2. Shoutout to my Jin and Xiumin plushies photobombing
  3. I picked EXO because 1. it will never happen but a girl can dream and 2. I would literally implode. In all seriousness, if it happens, it's gonna be MONSTA X. I think they would do a good job together.
  4. Intro: Never Mind - 99 Run - 99 Butterfly - 100 Whalien 52 - 99 Ma City - 100 Baepsae / Silver Spoon - 100 Dead Leaves - 97 Outro: House of Cards - 100 HoC, you know I am just your loyal servant and I would catch bullets for you, but Whalien 52 needs love
  5. JUSTICE FOR CONVERSE HIGH! /screeches Intro: 화양연화 - 100 I Need U - 100 Hold Me Tight - 100 Dope - 99 Boyz With Fun - 98 Converse High - 99 Move - 99 Outro: Love Is Not Over - 100
  6. That's a... massive lineup. Let me guess, this is another show that lasts 4/5 hrs?
  7. Oops I forgot this would not be partially english
  8. I have a hangover, work in 7 hours, my breakfast is garlic bread (i know don't say anything), let's fucking do this.
  9. The part where Tae lifts his arm and the explosion happened got me literally gasping for oxygen. They look so good, the graphics are amazing. Goddamn. edit: where is desiigner tho?
  10. apparently, they are second to last. So take a glass of water or walk around for a bit, lol. Okay, pfew. We survived that part. I hurt my neck looking from the tv to my laptop. they look SO good. I am SO hyped. Jesus.
  11. I know you'd like a discussion but I'd just like to add on an emotional level that I like it is one of my favorite kpop love songs, and whenever I hear it and I'm in the right mood for it I will not be able to whipe the smile of my face Also, I used to think No More Dream tacky af but then I saw the dance version of the mv and that changed my mind. I'm also a sucker for that Hobi look with that mask. So punk. Rawr.
  12. This is it, this is nirvana, walhalla, heaven, orgasmic, i don't know what other words to use I AM LITERALLY NAUSEOUS WITH EXCITEMENT