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  1. BTS, Digital Song·Physical Album Division Daesang All-kill… Proof of ‘BTS World' [2020 Golden Disk Awards] [200105 eDaily Starin, Reporter Lee Younghoon] Group BTS has swept up both the Digital Song and Album Division Daesangs at‘2020 Golden Disk Awards’. In doing so, BTS have become the first artists to achieve this impressive feat, taking home a record 6 crowns in total. After winning the Album of the Year Daesang at Gocheok Skydome on the 5th in Seoul’s ‘2020 Golden Disk Awards’, BTS leader RM delivered his sentiments on receiving the award through his acceptance speech saying, “It’s the last awards show of the 2010s and the first of the 2020s. It is because of all the ARMY that we have the great honour of receiving this”and “Last year was a really happy year. We promoted fervently, rested fervently, and loved fervently.”He added, “I’m reminded of the time in 2010 when I’d buzzed my hair short and met Bang Shihyuk PD-nim for the first time. The 10 years following that were spent promoting under the name of Bangtan Sonyeondan,”and claiming “In the 2020s, we hope this era will be filled with ARMY’s name alongside BTS’. We will write 2020 anew in ARMY’s name.” RM continued saying “We have been very fortunate and given much help to stand in this position receiving such a spotlight, expressing what we want to say, but there are so many artists who don’t have such opportunities,” further expressing “I hope that the 2020s will be a good era for music so that the efforts of artists who sincerely work hard to create music will not go to waste”. Aside from the Album of the Year Daesang, BTS received the Best Album Bonsang, TikTok Golden Disk Popularity Award and Fan’s Choice KPOP Star Award, winning a record four awards under the Album Division categories at the GDA. Combined with the Song of the Year Daesang and Best Digital Song Bonsang, they won a total of six crowns on the night. The Best OST Award went to Gummy, Twice and Nuest won the Cosmopolitan Artist Award, and the Best Male and Female Performance Awards went to Astro and (G)-IDLE. The Album Division Bonsang winners were Twice, NCT Dream, Seventeen, EXO, MONSTA X, EXO Sehun·Chanyeol, Nuest, GOT7, BTS and Super Junior. ◇‘2020 Golden Disk’ Album Division Winners △Album of the Year = BTS △Album Division Bonsang = Twice, NCT Dream, Seventeen, EXO, MONSTA X, EXO Sehun·Chanyeol, Nuest, GOT7, BTS, Super Junior △TikTok Golden Disk Popularity Award = BTS △Cosmopolitan Artist = Twice, Nuest △Best OST = Gummy △Fan’s Choice KPOP Star Award = BTS △Male and Female Best Performance Awards = Astro, (G)-IDLE ◇‘2020 Golden Disk’ Digital Song Division Winners △Digital Song of the Year = BTS △Digital Song Bonsang = Jannabi, MC The MAX, ITZY, Akdong Musician, Chungha, BlackPink Jennie, Paul Kim, Taeyeon, Twice, BTS △Rookie Artist of the Year = TOMORROW X TOGETHER , ITZY △Best R&B HipHop = ZICO △Best Trot = Song Ga In △Best Solo Artist = MAMAMOO HWASA △Best Group =MAMAMOO △Next Generation = Kim Jaehwan, AB6IX, ATEEZ △Best Producer = Bang Shihyuk [Article Source]
  2. 191130 J-Hope’s Weverse Reply OP: Oppa, the citizens of Gwangju participated in the Chicken Noodle Soup challenge, please make sure you check it out 🙌🏻🙌🏻 J-Hope: 🤭🤭🤭I’ll make sure to watch it🐔🐔🐔
  3. 191130 J-Hope’s Weverse Reply OP: J-Hope: Let's not get sick/hurt and stay strong💜
  4. 191130 J-Hope’s Weverse Reply OP: A Hobi truck from the second concert at Jamsil~~! A day that I miss~~ J-Hope: Pretty💜👋🤭
  5. 191130 J-Hope’s Weverse Reply OP: J-Hope: I'll always work hard💜 *said with aegyo
  6. 191130 J-Hope’s Weverse Reply OP: Hobi: (I) purple you 💜💜 Translated by @ Minyoungs Satang
  7. 191130 J-Hope's Weverse Reply ~~~ [T/N] OP and J-hope are referring to the song 'Umbrella' by Rihanna, such a cute interaction! Translated by @ Minyoungs Satang
  8. 191130 J-hope's Weverse Reply OP: Hello, I can't speak korean. If you see this...I love you J-Hope: If you see this, I love you! 💜 Translated by @ Minyoungs Satang
  9. 191130 J-hopes Weverse Reply OP: I was lonely because I was sad. I'm lonely. To everyone who has given me hope in my life, I'm so thankful to have met you. Thank you for becoming my home, Hobi. Hobi: 💜💜 [T/N] OP used a translator but it still worked very well 💜 Translated by @ Minyoungs Satang
  10. 191130 J-Hope's Weverse Reply OP: Hobi 💜 You really are looking at all (our posts) one by one... You're still reading even after 15 minutes 🤭 J-Hope: 😳😳😂💜👋 Translated by @ Minyoungs Satang
  11. 191130 J-Hope’s Weverse Reply OP: There are those days, you know. Theres so much to do, tomorrow I’ll have to go to work again, and my life is so busy and hectic Lying down like this, it’s so lonely that I can’t sleep until dawn breaks. As I listened to Spring Day again, smiling at seeing oppa come here (on Weverse), I think that you guys (Bangtan) have truly become my comfort/consolation J-Hope: I’ll always be your hope and comfort
  12. 191130 J-Hope’s Weverse Post ~~~ Posted in response to an ARMY requesting a song recommendation. This is the song he recommended: You Were Good To Me by Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler
  13. 191130 J-Hope’s Weverse Reply OP: Jung team leader, your English has improved these days😭 Why is this photo so cute?😭😭 J-Hope: Cutie*🐶💜 *said with aegyo