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  1. 191122 Jin’s Weverse Post Please give me (the) prize money* *Prize money to go with the attendance award he was presented ~~~ Haha @BTS_twt #JIN isn’t shy about asking for things he feels entitled to and that’s why we love him😆💜
  2. 191122 Weverse Post [T/N] The attendance award has been presented in response to an ARMY’s post yesterday about why Jin hadn’t received one yet (for being so active on Weverse). Jin’s response was that there was no one to give/present the award
  3. 191122 Jin’s Weverse Reply OP: Wow....16 years old??? J: [Breaking News] Yesterday, Kim Seokjin spent all day packing (his) vitamin supplements by daily usage, but has just now realised he’s left them all behind in the dorm
  4. 191118 Jin’s Weverse Reply OP: Oppa, you’re here. Please save my heart 😭 ah-heuk* J: I’m going to hold my breath until your heart is revived, heup^ [T/N] *ah-heuk is the sound made when crying ^heup is the sound made when a breath is held
  5. 191118 Jin’s Weverse Reply OP: Tomorrow I’m going to an interview for dental school and during the self-introduction, I’ll say that I’m going to be the future dentist for Seokjin oppa’s RJ J: It’s ok (No thanks)
  6. 191118 Jin’s Weverse Reply OP: Seokjin oppa,, you haven’t just kind of slightly broken* my heart, you’ve shattered it [Image Trans] Early amethyst callicarpa dichotoma J: Ta-da, I’m back *[T/N] The term “kind of slightly broken” is a wordplay on the name of the early amethyst flower
  7. Apparently you have to queue for hours just to get in...(unsurprisingly) I'll wait until the craze dies down before I give it a go. Might have to post photos and do a mini food review when it happens!
  8. I mentioned this elsewhere earlier, but a (late) Happy Birthday to you~ 


    Thank you for all your hard work in translating for our humble forum <3 May you have the best of health and luck in the coming days!

    1. BubbleSeraph


      Thanks for the well-wishes (again!) and it's been a pleasure doing translations so far! Everyone's been so lovely! :wow:

  9. hiyo~ happy (early) birthday! 

    please take my heart.



    hope you have a great one! 

    1. BubbleSeraph


      Aww I am having a really lovely day, thank you so much!💜💙💚❤️💛



  10. @Cypher• Since you requested AND the main focus is Jin, I'll try to translate it tomorrow!
  11. Quick question. Does the Seraph in our username have any relation to "Seraph of the End"/"Owari no Seraph"?


    1. BubbleSeraph


      No, Seraph's a nickname I've had for a long time. Unfortunately I've been out of the anime scene for almost just as long!