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my watch has ended
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  1. Hello, I'm back! How is everyone? What's been going on?

    1. kingseokjin1992


      welcome back!!!!!!!!!!

      I am good how are you

    2. P E A C H

      P E A C H

      Fine, a little busy with school though :)

    3. kingseokjin1992
  2. @taesthetic I love your DP so much wow
  3. welcome back

    1. P E A C H
    2. kingseokjin1992


      I noticed you haven't been online for a little sooooo yeah welcome

  4. Also is it bad that I don't ever want to get rid of my Halloween theme?
  5. I think most people handled it pretty well. Haters really have a bone to pick with ARMYs...it can be so frustrating but at this point, most of us are used to it. I love being a part of this fandom! They can't stop me :P
  6. They did so well even with Kookie's injury and Jimin's absence! I can't wait for them to both be okay but I also couldn't be prouder :) They looked amazing in those outfits.
  7. Can't wait to see their performance! P.S. Can they pls take a break soon? I KNOW they have a lot going on but no body or mind can take that much strain! They need a break :((
  8. Always here for some acknowledgment of their skills! They make us so proud, I'm happy to see they make non-fans proud as well.
  9. I feel the same way. In many ways, BTS are a contradiction themselves. They have an identity that is sometimes opposite to what people expect. I think it's really funny and we are M.C.s for youth(Unicef continues to work with BTS and us for a reason), and in my humble opinion all ARMYs are really adorable, so even if I cringe a little bit it's cute :')
  10. Oh crap! You guys did it Well now I'm going to be on it
  11. I'm watching this unfold, but am too sympathetic towards them to let them down so soon :") @jin you should give all the participating members a prize if they make it to 25~
  12. @Maphisto40 I'm crying your Halloween theme is so cuuute ahhh