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  1. Finally updated my About Me page hehe:bangtoto:

  2. news BTS Japanese Single surpasses 300k pre orders

    This is exciting! They're doing so well.
  3. game Opposites Game

    like ooh-ah(idk man haha) --- octopus(good luck lmao)
  4. event Fan Work Awards 2017 - Winner Announcement!

    This is like a list of people I need to follow! Wow some of them I've never even heard of. They are all amazing! Congrats~
  5. WOWWW It's so many people when you put them all together! Crazy impact. It's so exciting!
  6. pann 171115 I think BTS is a very surprising case

    What makes me feel good about the whole steady growth thing is that the groups who become hot because of a trend always fade out eventually but it feels like BTS is building a much stronger foundation with consistently amazing music and loyal fans. I feel good about the future.
  7. pann 171115 BTS's international fans are dope;;;

    It makes me so happy when I see this! I just always want kdiamonds to know we are going to take care of BTS in the states, and seeing our efforts being recognized by them is a really great feeling.
  8. BTS BOX Giveaway

    Only 10 more days to enter! Make sure to tell your friends to participate. I can't wait to select the winners!
  9. event When Will LY:Her Reach 1 million on Hanteo?

    Me too, that's a really good point.
  10. event When Will LY:Her Reach 1 million on Hanteo?

    Thanks! Wow I wonder who will win...
  11. event When Will LY:Her Reach 1 million on Hanteo?

    Can anyone give a status report? How far away are we now?
  12. BTS BOX Giveaway

    No problem. Your have entered!
  13. BTS BOX Giveaway

    I'm glad you like it. You have entered
  14. BTS BOX Giveaway

    Thank you! Your entry has been added~