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  1. Guys so I haven been on as you can see. The reason is that I depressed. I won't be on for a few days. Sorry i hope you guys can understand. You guys are amazing.:jungkook9:

    1. poca



      Take care of yourself <3

    2. KookieMochi


      Please take all the time you need to recuperate some :") 

  2. Hi guys how was you doods day!!!????:jipuppy:

  3. we at a spellin bee and i lost:why:

  4. hey at school doin nothin heyyyyy:TaTa:

    1. KookieMochi


      I thought you were resting? :")

    2. Mintyoongi_BTS


      trying to rest cuz sometimes i feel good then i dont


  5. hiya friends i feel drunk so forgiv me for anythin dumb i say btw i love yoongs


  6. its my diego now kidsWELLITHINKRIGHT.gif.09c8aa5b01869baaa1dc

  7. jesus christ help me i need to sleep but can't:why:


    i love this so much jesus chirst i am loving jin so hella much rn



  8. So I have been a bit "sick" i have the feeling I wanna faint or cry for no reason and I can't even sleep. I won't be as active. Ik it really sucks. I get headaches outta no where. So I am trying to get as much sleep and I am trying to drink more water so I hope you guys will understand.

    As always...



    1. KookieMochi


      That's ok, I hope you get better soon! 

      I haven't seen you around lately either so I was a little worried, but please take the time to rest up and heal, yeah?

  9. hiiiiiiiii

    i have been kinda ded

    but how are yall


  10. Good Morning Friends! Have A Very Nice Day Wherever You Are!!!!!:jkiss:

    As Always.... 


  11. how come everybody i know doesnt know who kpop is and they know what deer poop looks like


  12. yallll omeeweeeeefu

    wishin on a star:suga3:

    i am so happpypyyy

    how come i didnt notice the new songss

  13. got school today 

    wish me luck


  14. My little sunshine texted me ^^