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  1. The new outro (crack) is my fav out of the whole album.

  2. Well the first mv i saw was save me i saw it one month after it was posted my friend showed me bts ad i rlly liked it
  3. did you guys see neverland by holland?

    i think he is the first gay idol to come out

    plz support him

    1. pinkhyung


      yeah ! probably the most beautiful thing I saw and heard today 

    2. SeokSeok



      i'm gonna check him out!

  4. HeLlO I aM back. So i have been sick and my power kept on going out but now......i'm still sick and i'm stuck inside......but HEY my power is back on and I can keep on talking to yall :D I kinda want ice cream but i dont want to go outside since it is snowing................i can make my own icee with the snow (lol jk) I hope everybody had a nice Christmas and good new years. Im glad to be back after a few days. <3 

  5. im so ready to get this year over with and im ready for taehyungs bday

  6. Yes I heard that Jonghyun died. I miss him too. He was my bias in Shinee and he was an amazing person with a heart so big. I hope that he is in a better place. Lets pray for his family and that they will be okay. You are a wondeful person and we ALL love you! I know that you are going to be okay. It broke lots of fans heart that you died. RIP Jonghyun


  7. net neutrality

    i love all of you so much

    please be careful and love bts through the days


  8. wow my mom like iu and bts now:sipstea:

  9. Hope yall have a nice night! Sleep well :jin1:

  10. Is it weird that my little niece is whispering in my ear Konichiwa  and is also 4 years old?:unimpressedmoni:

  11. Im backkkkk yo!!!!! So over this time many good things happend to bts like amas mama melon and other stuff. look i got a boyfriend over my hiatus. wow and i thought i was gonna be single all my life lol. but how is everyone?jimin9:

    1. KookieMochi


      Little late, but welcome back! Happy anniversary too! And congrats omg, I hope he treats you well~

    2. Mintyoongi_BTS


      thanks!!! :jin1:

      happy anniversary as well!!!

  12. Guys so I haven been on as you can see. The reason is that I depressed. I won't be on for a few days. Sorry i hope you guys can understand. You guys are amazing.:jungkook9:

    1. poca



      Take care of yourself <3

    2. KookieMochi


      Please take all the time you need to recuperate some :") 

    3. Latedawn


      It's important to take care of yourself. If you need some time, feel free to take some. Your health is very important. :)

  13. Hi guys how was you doods day!!!????:jipuppy:

  14. we at a spellin bee and i lost:why:

  15. hey at school doin nothin heyyyyy:TaTa:

    1. KookieMochi


      I thought you were resting? :")

    2. Mintyoongi_BTS


      trying to rest cuz sometimes i feel good then i dont


  16. hiya friends i feel drunk so forgiv me for anythin dumb i say btw i love yoongs


  17. plz yall make me one like those but with this one on it
  18. why does he look like diego???????? andy is da boi i like but diego my bff dafaq but chim look cute here
  19. jesus christ help me i need to sleep but can't:why:


    i love this so much jesus chirst i am loving jin so hella much rn



  20. So I have been a bit "sick" i have the feeling I wanna faint or cry for no reason and I can't even sleep. I won't be as active. Ik it really sucks. I get headaches outta no where. So I am trying to get as much sleep and I am trying to drink more water so I hope you guys will understand.

    As always...



    1. KookieMochi


      That's ok, I hope you get better soon! 

      I haven't seen you around lately either so I was a little worried, but please take the time to rest up and heal, yeah?

  21. hiiiiiiiii

    i have been kinda ded

    but how are yall


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