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      Have You Submitted a B-Day Message to Jungkook Yet?   08/06/2017

      If you haven't submitted a birthday message to him yet, go >HERE< and scroll down to the "Birthday Message Submission" section. Follow the guidelines listed and submit your message using the google form linked on that page! To view the details of the overall birthday project for Jungkook, or ask any questions you have, you can visit the main project thread:  Wànhuā: In Bloom - a Jungkook Charity Birthday Project

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    September 9
  2. THERE WAS NO NEED TO MAKE IT THAT BIG! I don't even know what it'd be yet. I had two ideas, but now I can't remember them. Thank you though~
  3. ...just wanted to make a thread because it's been a long time since I've posted anything. I hope everyone is doing well. TBH, I wanna do a different version of my flop dress up game, but will anyone join? No. T_T
  4. All are approved, except the last 3 due to lighting. These will work though:
  5. I can do it properly now! Happy 6th month anniversary Bangtan Base! I'm really hopeful that the site will grow in size and activity this year, good times are ahead!
  6. happy congratsb anniversary
  7. Hi, you need to have 4 badges in your arrangement.
  8. those are approved! i choose the second jungkook badge since it's a closeup like the others
  9. Ah, there weren't any good quality pictures for Bangtanmas, that's why they're not the best quality. And then group ones like OTP, it's just hard to get everyone in one frame so they won't be the best quality either, but other than those I'm really not sure why they look different. If you name specific badges we may be able to fix them a bit, but we can't fix every single badge, especially since they've been established for so long, and if we'd have to remake them all over again, there's a possibility of not looking the same.
  10. Suga, Rapmon, and Jungkook are not approved due to LQ, but the rest are!
  11. Approved~