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  11. RESULTS FOR FINAL ROUND First off, I want to thank everyone for participating in my flop game. This is the first game I've ever hosted, and I was a mess. So thank you for putting up with that Anyways, on to the results~ 1. Red_hightops jungkook: It's a good outfit, definitely fits the era. Unfortunately, I was looking for something more creative. I don't see much originality in this set when it comes to the outfit itself, and I would've liked to see some color. 7/10 poca: Separately, the pieces match the theme well. However the pieces feel slightly off when put together. The trio of leather, pinstripes and sneakers didn't work as well when all three were put together. 8/10 jin: The overall outfit is really good and definitely reminds me of the WOH era. The one thing I think it needs are some pops of color on the outfit itself. Maybe colorful buttons or patches sewn on to the shirt or jacket. 8.5/10 2. misskei_ jungkook: I like it. It matches the era, especially with the pants and print of the jacket, but the top and jacket are enough to make it different. However, I don't like the earrings or necklace. It would've been nice if it had some color, too. 8/10 poca: The colour scheme looks good, and the outfit looks nice; however, it doesn't really match the WOH theme. A blazer or leather jacket would suit the theme better. The top also doesn't quite fit with the theme. 8/10 jin: A nice outfit, but I don't get the WOH vibes from it as much as the other two outfits. The pants are great for the theme and the accessories + makeup/nails are very pretty, but I think a different jacket and shirt would've looked better. Also it needs some pops of color. 8/10 3. nb_army jungkook: Ooh, a dress instead of the typical pants and top look! I kind of wish the dress was red and the shoes were black, but that's just because I was hoping someone would've used red more Not a fan of the bracelet (maybe if it were a similar color to the shoes it'd be better) or the pins, but it's a nice outfit! 8.5/10 poca: Excellent outfit. It does a good job matching the WOH theme. A bit more red in the accessories would have balanced the colour scheme of the outfit out. 9/10 jin: A great outfit, very reminiscent of the WOH era. The only thing I would change would be having the tights have rips in them. 9/10 Final Scores 1. nb_army - 26.5/30 2. misskei_ - 24/30 3. Red_hightops - 23.5/30 Congratulations to nb_army for winning first place! And congratulations to second and third place~ Thanks again for playing! I will message the winner and the winning team (ZAP) for the award claims!
  12. Congratulations, you've made it to the final! For this round, everyone will be working individually to create a set inspired by the War of Hormone era. Remember to be creative and put together an attire that will make the boys have their own war of hormone-s (OMFG, I AM CRINGING SO MUCH RIGHT NOW). Good luck to everyone! Please submit your outfit here by 11 PM EST: Submission I'm posting this earlier and it's due an hour earlier because I have school tomorrow and don't want to sleep too late T^T Please tell me if it's inconvenient for you.
  13. RESULTS FOR ROUND 2 This round's guest judge is @jin! Team ZAP 1. nb_army jungkook: It's a nice outfit, can't say it doesn't match the era. There's something about it that's throwing me off, and I can't tell what it is. The more I look at it the more I like it, though. It does lacks some originality since it looks a bit like it could've been pulled straight off of Jimin 8/10 poca: The blazer and top were excellent choices, especially with how the shirt had a choker. The shoes feel a bit out of place when paired with the velvet blazer though. 9/10 Jin: A really lovely outfit. My mind automatically connected to BST when I saw it. The jacket and the top are perfect. My only complaint would be the shoes, they're not really to my liking. 9.5/10 Total: 8 + 9.5 + 9 = 26.5 2. Red_hightops jungkook: I was having a hard time trying to pick everything apart because there's so much going on in the picture. At first, I didn't really like the outfit, but as I looked at it more I see it does fit the era well. However, I don't like the top you picked. It just looks weird to me, and I feel you could've used another color since everything is basic black. I also think the wig and flower were a bit too much; it reminds me of an anime convention. Overall it was a decent outfit. 8/10 poca: The blazer and accessories match the theme very well. The outfit when put together had a goth vib,e which was almost a bit too much, but luckily it was still able to match the theme. 8/10 Jin: "Classy, but slightly kinky" describes BST perfectly, lol. The outfit is really nice. I love the accessories you picked and the jacket's design is really pretty. I think slightly more fancy pants would've fit the outfit's aesthetic better. I don't really like the shoes, but overall the outfit looks good and matches the theme well. 9/10 Total: 8 + 9 + 8 = 25 Team Points jungkook: I like that you guys went with the same dress concept this time, and you have the ripped pants thing going on. Although, one outfit looks a bit more casual than the other, but you stepped up the team work! You both also worked great with the budget! 8.5/10 poca: 9/10 Jin: 9/10 Total: 8.5 + 9 + 9 = 26.5 Overall Team Score: 26.5 + 25 + 26.5 = 78/90 Team Winx 1. Poppetjie jungkook: I'm obsessed with those shorts! I like the ensemble, but the top doesn't seem to fit well with the shorts and bomber jacket. I would've liked to see a simpler top. Still, I like your spin on Yoongi's outfit. You did go over budget, which is partly my fault for the messy numbers, but I had to deduct a point. 8/10 poca: The colour scheme is nice, the colours are well coordinated. However, the shoes and the top don't match the theme very well. The shoes are passable, but the top would not work well with the jacket and gives the overall outfit a more casual, outdoors-y feeling that doesn't match the theme. 7/10 Jin: The color scheme of the outfit looks very good. The pale pink and white match nicely together. I like the jacket and the shorts, but I think a different top is needed. This one's style looks like it could get bunched up under the jacket. 7.5/10 Total: 8 + 7.5 + 7 = 22.5 2. misskei_ jungkook: I see what you were going for, it fits the concept, but those pants... It would've been much nicer if they were full length. I also don't like the crop top all that much. I do like your creativity, though. 8/10 poca: First off, the shoes were a nice choice. The blazer and the accessories are alright. However, the pants, and to a lesser extent, the top don't match the theme very well. The pants don't really match the design of the blazer or the shoes either. Colour wise, the outfit looks nice. 8/10 Jin: The top and the jacket are nice, but the pants throw the outfit off a bit. I think they would've worked better if they were full-length and not flared. The style of the shoe matches the inspiration, but it would've looked nicer in black. 7.5/10 Total: 8 + 7.5 + 8 = 23.5 Team Points jungkook: I can tell both of you went for the pajama like shoot. I wish you would've used more contrasting colors instead of the main pink. 8/10 poca: 8/10 Jin: 7.5/10 Total: 8 + 7.5 + 8 = 23.5 Overall Team Score: 22.5 + 23.5 +23.5 = 69.5/90 Individual Scores 1. nb_army - 26.5 2. Red_hightops - 25 3. misskei_ - 23.5 4. Poppetjie - 22.5 Unfortunately Poppetjie has been eliminated. Thank you for playing!