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  1. @ my theme song literally being Somebody To Love by Queen

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    2. Lil_Mochi


      Lowkey a Bohemian Rhapsody peep here. Also Sway by Michael Buble, yes please. 

    3. POTATO


      I'm a k-pop and anime songs Melanie Martinez peep...ew "peep" anyways yeah

    4. Lil_Mochi


      I was Melanie Martinez peeper but I switched to other songs. And I've been a weeb since I was born 😂. And k-pop is pretty noticeable lol

  2. During Idol era, Tae really do be out here with half-and-half hair before it was even popular

  3. Got rejected by the biggest crush I've ever had today.

    So that happened.

    Time to listen to cute love songs and create scenarios in my head about what I wish happened and cry about it.

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    2. Sweet&Suga


      @Lil_Mochi Omg people are so weird. But I would definitely never do that.

      Also @POTATO Aj told me to just perma ban your account and that's done btw

    3. POTATO
    4. Lil_Mochi


      I know! I was seriously scared for my life, and because of that I had to miss out on a band trip I was really looking forward to doing. Sad times. 

  4. Am I re-listening to MOTS: 7?

    Yes, yes I am because I may have taken a small break from listening to them. But I am right back on the BTS train like I never considered getting off.

    1. Ḅ̵̛̳̰̥̐̓e̶̩̦̫̖̟̗͖̓́̓̀a̶͛͘
    2. POTATO


      I took a 2 year break off the BTS train and hopped on the NCT train also can you delete my old account @Fairytaele?


    I love MAX so much he deserves so much more love and recognition

  6. Oh that's so nice to hear! I'm so glad you like it here!\ Also, your signature is absolutely beautiful.
  7. You're getting the welcome backs because you were here before the forum got shut down and revamped. So we're glad you came back!
  8. Ack why is Conan Gray merch so expensive?!?!

    1. Fairytaele


      Imagine a lightstick being $60

  9. Guess who's finally listening to Queen for the the first time.

    It's about time lol

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    2. Fairytaele


      I just listen to K-pop, Cardi B, Megan The Stallion and Melanie Martinez mostly K-pop tho

    3. Ḅ̵̛̳̰̥̐̓e̶̩̦̫̖̟̗͖̓́̓̀a̶͛͘
    4. Fairytaele
  10. Hi! Welcome to Bbase!! We're glad to have you back! Yup, it did get shut down for a bit to be completely revamped, so we had to start from scratch. If you need anything, feel free to let me know!
  11. Would mint frosting be weird on a chocolate cake??

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    2. Ḅ̵̛̳̰̥̐̓e̶̩̦̫̖̟̗͖̓́̓̀a̶͛͘
    3. Fairytaele


      Also he keeps calling himself Oppar....when he's Chinese it's just cringey

    4. Ḅ̵̛̳̰̥̐̓e̶̩̦̫̖̟̗͖̓́̓̀a̶͛͘
  12. I'm rewatching Yuri!!! On Ice for the 50th time but I'm going to start Attack On Titan after.
  13. Hello!! Welcome to the team! We're very glad to have you here. If you ever need help with anything, let me know!
  14. "You fight good."

    -Lee Shang (trying to flirt with Mulan)

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    2. Sweet&Suga


      Not the live action one, it's not out yet. But that line is in the original animation.

    3. Ḅ̵̛̳̰̥̐̓e̶̩̦̫̖̟̗͖̓́̓̀a̶͛͘
    4. 펠릭스 Freckles
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