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  1. Hi there Bangtanbase community and BTS A.R.M.Y. I'm a computer engineer myself, last year before graduation currently, and I'm a big fan of BTS aswell. I've been doing coding for some years but my main hobby is to code games. I developed some games in my previous years of university, and now I've decided to enter the Google Play arena. Just published my first app, It's a pop quiz kind of an app about BTS, I'd be so thankful if you guys tried it out and maybe gave me some feedback about it. I'm looking forward to add more questions and keep the game updated. It's only on Google Play currently, but I'm looking forward to publish these games I'll be developing to App Store aswell in the future. I hope this isn't the wrong place to post it, i know that this isn't a forum game but couldn't find anywhere more suitable to post. Sorry if otherwise. App Link to Google Play Store Have FUN!