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  1. They have supporters all over the world! Good job you guys! Thanks for sharing this, SeokSeok! Thanks for translating, peachisoda! Y'all are the best!
  2. Awesome stuff as usual! Hope they got to rest too. Do they shoot their mvs back to back in situations like this where they're promoting a song? Wonder if they'll do their songs in even more languages someday, haha. Keep up the good work guys! Thanks for sharing, Maphisto40.
  3. They ruined Jay's post!!! Managed to watch it before it got removed though. Seeing the boys perform is really entertaining. Thanks Jay.
  4. Very cool and entertaining. They're doing good y'all.
  5. The DNA performance rocks! Hearing the fan chant was cool. Oh and their interview was so cute, next time they're on Ellen they should make it longer. Jay, Cypher, good teamwork! Thanks y'all.
  6. Awesome performance! They did a good job y'all. Everyone in the audience was so excited and that was nice to see. Gonna go watch their interview with Ellen now. Thanks for this, Jay.
  7. Pretty cool. Maybe they'll also do one of those movies like KP's Part of Me or JB's Never Say Never/Believe at some point. Nice.