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  1. Beep Boop, Happy Early Bangtanmas~

  2. A mysterious benefactor has bestowed you with gifts from the heart~

  3. announcement A year with BBase

    Don't worry, just listen to Not Today and see the lyrics. Reading your post tbh, kind of reminded me to Bangtan's past, their story. There'll definitely be a better tomorrow, just keep doing what you are doing now and try to improve only if you can. Hwaiting! Look at these and enjoy, Bangtan and ARMY here, is with you
  4. event Mystery Box Giveaway

    Also, an extra entry: https://imgur.com/a/UNvvP
  5. event Mystery Box Giveaway

    Yasss! I got 10 posts AND my parent's permission, I'm entering.
  6. It was such a great interview, the first time I saw a BTS interview on TV, I remember how I was screaming and fangirling extra loud. luckily I wa home alone at that time
  7. Jin's Dad Jokes

    this is so hilarious but I'm not laughing, I'm just sitting here smiling at my computer screen like an idiot
  8. List of Jin Fansites ❀

    Uhm, a question for anyone who sees this, what is a fansite? I never really understood. Can someone tell me?
  9. event Secret Santa

    This looked so fun! I entered it
  10. This is so great. Bang PD deserves it. Congrats to him.
  11. event FLY : 1000 Kisses for Jin - A Kim Seokjin BDay Project!

    I'm new here and this event brought me here from Twitter, I felt touched that such a creative and like, noble eent was being held on Mr. Worldwide Handsome's birthday. Thank you so much for doing this Bangtan Base.