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  1. I do love his blonde and black, but his hair color now makes his hair turn different colors in certain lighting
  2. I really love Suga's hair right now, but I do miss his black hair.
  4. Is it me or when you listen to Mic Drop does anyone feel like a rebel? *laughs* For me, I feel like a savage, rebel and very dangerous.
  5. This picture makes me smile, and laugh. Suga, Suga.
  6. This video is so cute! I love Suga's inspirational message.
  7. I agree, 2017 was an amazing year for BTS, they did so much and accomplished a lot of things this year, and I can't wait to see what they will do in 2018
  8. Haha you can see them from outer space, I love it!
  9. Thanks, I am glad you guys all understand the struggles
  10. Yea, I do except them all but I rather just have one I probably should just give up and do what you did Yes, that is my struggle I love how they all have their own individual qualities and that makes it hard, but I do love them all Yea my username, Don't know what I am going to do about that but hey it can be a reminder f my past biases
  11. Yes he is, and yes they are all bias worthy. Touche, how about setting aside instead?
  12. Yea the struggle is real, but i think I finally found one bias to stick to and that is Suga, but from time to time Jin will forever be my secret bias *laughs* lol