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  1. I do love his blonde and black, but his hair color now makes his hair turn different colors in certain lighting
  2. I really love Suga's hair right now, but I do miss his black hair.
  3. This picture makes me smile, and laugh. Suga, Suga.
  5. HAha, I have been thinking of making him my third bias. You know what I am giving in to making him my third bias
  6. I absolutely love your profile picture :D

  7. I don't know why but I love his deep voice when he speaks
  8. I agree, so hard...I feel like I want to add Yoongi as my bias, he is another one who is more like me
  9. I agree, that is isn't impossible
  10. Having two biases is hard because you fight with yourself on who you love more but yes I do have to make sure my love for them is both equal YOU HAVE TWO BIASES!!! SAME GIRL!!! WHO are your two Biases?
  11. Haha same!! I love my BTS brain Yea I do, but its so hard when you love all the characters. But again I know for sure that Jin and Tae will be my number one biases. (sooooo hard to pick just one, when you love both Jin and Tae.) Looks like you found only one though
  12. Ugh, so do I.. .even as I watch Jin I fall in love with him all over again every time It's hard when you got two bias
  13. Yea it does, the more I watch Suga the more I want him to become my third bias Jk JK, well not a jk, but for two things for sure is that Tae and Jin will forever be my bias, and no one else will take their spot! Unless Suga becomes my third bias, I kind of feel bad for kicking Kookie off my bias list and putting him as my other bias wrecker, but it's whatever
  14. Taekook is cute but I kind of like TaeJin more. I defiantly know now that Suga is definitely my bias wrecker and he is competing against Jin and Tae for my love
  15. I know!!! Haha Lucky!! For me it is sooooo hard to find a bias wrecker because I love them all but I definitely found my two bias but not a Bias Wrecker. I am struggling hard.....
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