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  1. HI! I started becoming an ARMY since March 2017 when I decided to watch Not Today MV which was quite recently released. I was the kind of person who didn't really get into music, especially kpop. So I watched the MV with a very open mind and found that the song was really good and had me pumped from the start. Then I started listening to their other songs and when it came to the HYYH era songs, I was hooked by the lyrics and the stories and the mv they produced through Run, INU, Young Forever and etc. At the same time, I researched all about their past as a group that came from a small company, and had nothing but their passion for music. That was when I decided to become an ARMY that would always support them no matter what. The fact that they convey important messages through their music to the world proved to me that not all artists care only about the money and the charts. There are so many other things that make BTS the BEST kpop boy group that I've ever known that I simply can't say in words. BTS, I love you for making me learn to become a better version of myself. 방탄소년단 화이팅!!