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  1. Just found this & I'm loving this so much!! Since I am a newbie fan let me confess some things that I only very recently got over So after learning who is who & their stage names and real name.. It took me a very long time & even today I really struggle with the 2 letter abbreviation like JK or RM ~what is that even called~ it takes me faaaaaar too long to figure out who is meant by them although it is kind of obvious & to the point.. but oh well Soooo back when I started liking BTS I would go to youtube and play their MV in the background when doing uni work.. most of the times it would go to other BTS songs.. so one evening it went to a song by 'Agust D' (to my defense I actually never paid any attention to the MV so didn't have the chance to see that it is Suga) but for the longest time (about 2 - 3 days) I thought this was a separate, totally different artist I.. although (and that I'm kind of proud of) after listening to the songs a couple times I noticed that the voice was very similar to Yoongi's and after actually looking at the MV I realized what happened.. and I was so embarrassed.. It must have been the only time when I was relieved that I have no BTS friends I could embarrass myself to.. apart from you guys reading this.. PS: @Cypher• & @KookieMochi I will always love you no matter what but you guys broke my heart the tiniest bit saying you don't like GO GO. As a grown up I accept, understand and tolerate your opinion, but man it's such good & happy song!! I also love it when I have to write boring essays or assignments for uni.. I put it on repeat and am always able to get some good work done!! And the performance is so much fun to watch.. it's just a song that makes me really, really happy.. anyways I shall now.
  2. This is truly the best thing ever & totally made my day!! Thank you @sungel for making this & sharing this (sharing is caring!!). This is the exact reason why I love this place not knowing that I have so much love for something but then seeing it & being happy!!
  3. #562 1. I did what @SeokSeok did & read this whole thing & oh boy it gave me all the feels!! So glad to be part of this now!! 2. - random fact about myself -> I'm doing the last packing & flying home to Germany tomorrow!!
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