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  1. Hello, ARMYs! I've been stanning the rap line for a long time and I always see discourse on what the best cypher is, so I'd like to know your opinions! What's the best cypher and why? I personally like Cypher Pt.2 because of the lyrics and how it showcases Namjoon and Yoongi's talent
  2. I'm not a big crier - in fact, it's incredibly rare that I cry at songs - but Bangtan have caused me to shed a few tears at their more emotional songs. life reflection stigma the last butterfly tomorrow sea
  3. aw, this is cute! i've been getting a little nervous lately about artists who want to collaborate with bangtan just for the additional views and fame, but it seems like taehyung and the rest of the boys really like him <3 i wish them luck and i hope it happens!
  4. hello! is anyone else lowkey (alright, highkey) having a heart attack about RMxFallOutBoy? it's such an epic collab and really demonstrates how much namjoon has matured as a rapper and a face for change. he's such an inspiration i can't i love and completely agree with everything that's been said about the collab so far! i really hope to see more "unexpected" projects from him and the boys. i'm still waiting on another mixtape (even though logically it could be a while)~