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  1. BTS now has three music videos that have surpassed 400 million views on YouTube! On December 12, the music video for BTS’s “Dope” hit the milestone of 400 million views. The song was released on June 24, 2015 as part of BTS’s third mini album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1.” “Dope” is BTS’s third music video to reach 400 million views, following “DNA” and “Fire.” Other Korean groups who have reached 400 million views on their music videos are BLACKPINK and TWICE. via Soompi
  2. I'll also be able to stream at some point as well especially if you're too busy AJ and want someone else to take over. I'm finishing up finals this week, but I still have some spare time.
  3. Not really shocked at all about this, but it's interesting seeing visuals of it.
  4. If you search and can't find a thread about what you're looking for then go ahead and just make one where it's appropriate.
  5. Aw unfortunately I'm too tired and can't stay up too much longer so I probably can't make it. Not sure how many would come at this time either though.