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  1. BTS’s concert film “Love Yourself in Seoul” sold over 1.9 million tickets worldwide! The group’s concert film first hit theaters in countries around the globe on January 26. On February 20, it was announced that the film has been seen by 340,000 moviegoers in Korea and 1.62 million overseas, coming to a total of 1.96 million viewers. On the first weekend of its release, “Love Yourself in Seoul” surpassed 180,000 moviegoers in Korea, and came in second in the box office according to the Korean Film Council. It was in theaters for two weeks from January 26 to February 10, and maintained high attendance throughout its run. It also achieved a re-watch rate of 20 percent, and became a hot topic for its variety of different formats, including 2D, ScreenX, ScreenX singalong, and army bomb screenings. The ScreenX version of the show, which was filmed on an epic scale using 42 cameras, was shown in over 90 ScreenX theaters throughout the world. “Love Yourself in Seoul” appeared in 108 regions and over 4,600 theaters, achieving the largest screening for event cinema in terms of regions and theaters. Within only the first day of the film’s screening on January 26, the film broke a worldwide record for event cinema when it was watched by 1.28 million people overseas in 4,100 theaters. BTS’s “Love Yourself in Seoul” features footage from the group’s August 2018 concert in Seoul that began their “Love Yourself” world tour. They recently announced that they’ll be staging their first ever international stadium tour this spring with “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself,” including shows at iconic venues such as Wembley Stadium and the Rose Bowl Stadium. via Soompi
  2. In a V Live broadcast on February 20, BTS’s RM sat down with fans to express some thoughts he’s been wanting to share. During the show, RM gave a tour of his studio space (the “Rkive”) to fans, and then answered many of their questions. When asked about the album the group is currently working on, RM said, “This album is one that I personally like a lot. I don’t mean that I like its atmosphere or something like that — it’s because it’s really organic. The songs are really…” He then stopped himself and said with a laugh, “Well, it’s no fun if I tell you everything!” RM also reassured fans as he said that they’re working hard as they prepare while also resting well when they rest. “One goal I have is to study about the things that I’m lacking, reflect on myself, and change,” he said. He shared that their album preparations are going well, and said they’re paying particular attention to every part of their music since they’re receiving so much attention. RM also talked about how the rap line (RM, Suga, and J-Hope) are able to record in their own studios at any time, while the vocal line members (Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) are spending long hours in the recording studio. “They have to come here and work with the producers,” he said. “The time they stay here is really long, and could be tiring and dull, so I always want to tell the vocalist members that I appreciate that they’re working hard.” He then said, “There’s something that I’ve been thinking about lately. All seven of us are different, you know. We’re really incredibly different. I think I maybe said this in the past, but this is how I describe it: it’s like we’re all sailing in the same boat but looking at different places. We have different dispositions, we’re good and bad at different things, and the things we want to do are different too. But because we’re in this team, we see better sides of each other and we’re achieving things together under the name of BTS that we couldn’t do otherwise. I think the others know that even better than I do.” “The fact that we’ve come this far is like a miracle,” he said. “It’s really a miracle. Things like renewing our contracts — we’re so different and we really could have turned and said goodbye, but it’s a miracle that we’ve come this far. I’m so grateful.” “It makes me think ‘I need to work harder,'” continued RM. He expressed that he doesn’t know how many albums they will release in the future, but that until the end he wants to work hard so that he has fewer regrets, although he recognizes that it’s not possible to have no regrets at all. “The members trust in me and I trust in them,” he said. “So for this album too — and not just our album, but also the things that many of you are worried about and talking about — we’re trying to minimize that and think about that as much as possible. So trust in us. I hope that you’ll trust in us just a bit more. We’re really going to work hard.” He thanked fans and said, “I’m going to be working and running hard while I think about you. I’ll be here, because no matter what words are said, BTS is BTS. I’m grateful for all the honor you give us.” He gestured to his surroundings as he said, “This is BTS’s, not mine. And it’s all of yours. BTS is all of you, that’s what I think.” He explained that he’s been feeling very grateful lately as he works on the album, and wanted to express his gratitude and love. He also spoke in English, promising fans that they will do their best and saying, “Thank you for everything and we love you.” via Soompi
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  4. @Mysweetjiminie♡ Hey please don't spam as the point of this game is to count with other people not just yourself. If we could always win by yourself it defeats the possible of the game.
  5. I can't believe they are touring again. I hope this also means new music.
  6. Jin has the kind of laugh that makes you laugh because it's funny and cute at the same time. Although I love all of their laughs.
  7. again I am sorry for not being here when you are

  8. Don't plan on watching it since I don't really care enough about the Grammys, but I'm still proud that the boys get to go. I have something to do during the night anyway.
  9. This sounds great! Thanks for adding some more medals.