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  1. I just wanted to say that I'm leaning towards deleting this server due to its constant inactivity. Sorry to those that may have wanted to join.
  2. He is definitely clever and can do anything!
  3. Mentioning me will just make me come here quicker
  4. I had a feeling since it was so upbeat that it was going to be J-hope! I thought it was amazing and he looked hot in it.
  5. Yeah I think people are saying it should be Jhope. It makes a lot of sense for it to be as well, but you never know with them sometimes.
  6. @ chelseachanx Not the section to post this in. There's other places around here where this would be more appropriate. Either the main BTS section or general fan talk that has the market is good.
  7. It was amazing! Yoongi is a king and a god. Just incredible.
  8. The BBase Projects Team is rising again! We have a new, exciting project in the works and we’ll need ARMYs from all over the world to help us with it! We all know ARMY is a diverse fandom who love and support our boys for deep, meaningful reasons. Far too often the media tries to negatively paint us as mindless preteen girls (and there isn’t a problem with a fandom composed of mainly of women and/or young women!) who love BTS for merely shallow reasons such as their collective attractiveness. As if BTS don’t make amazing music, as if BTS aren’t outstanding entertainers, as if BTS don’t inspire millions, as if BTS haven’t saved lives! It’s time we come together and tell the world the REAL reasons we love and support BTS so passionately. So we’ve created the ARMY GALAXY: a website with a collection of messages from ARMYs that showcases the real, personal reasons each fan loves BTS. Below is a link to both the website and the form to submit your own message. Let’s show everyone the unique beauty behind loving BTS! Submission link: Google Form Army Galaxy link: AG Doesn't it sound amazing! We encourage as many people as possible to participate as we haven't had a project in a long time. Looking forward to what you put!! We are stronger together.
  9. This is really exciting. Great for BTS! Hopefully more kpop groups can get the love they deserve as well later on.

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