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  1. taesthetic

    game This or That

    Talk with friends Introvert or Extrovert?
  2. taesthetic

    game This or That

    Songs Concert or Amusement park?
  3. Welcome to BTS! Here are the members. Namjoon/RM - Leader/Rapper Seokjin/Jin - Oldest/Singer J-Hope/Hoseok - Best Dancer/Rapper Jimin - Singer Taehyung - Visuals/Singer Jungkook - Maknae/Main Singer/Visuals/Center And I'll do Yoongi/Suga as well just because - Rapper
  4. Most of the time for albums in general you can pre-order on iTunes. Although if you use Spotify and Apple Music I haven't heard about pre-orders from that.
  5. taesthetic

    Love Yourself: Answer

    BTS is making another comeback!! We are all jungshook.
  6. Omg I'm so excited and they are hurting me once again!
  7. A new version is being released for BTS’s light stick! On July 5, a teaser image was revealed of the third version for the Army Bomb, the group’s official light stick. Although not much can be seen in the teaser image, BTS’s new logo is shown inside. The previous version of the Army Bomb was released in February 2017. Stay tuned for more updates on the new Army Bomb! via Soompi
  8. Fan theories may be correct for BTS releasing something in August! On July 11, news outlet News1 reported that BTS is releasing a repackaged album for “Love Yourself: Tear” in August. According to the reports, the members are in the final stages of preparation for the new album. In response, the group’s agency Big Hit Entertainment commented, “It is currently difficult to reveal specific details regarding a repackaged album.” Along with the potential repackaged album, BTS is kicking off their world tour “Love Yourself” in Seoul on August 25 and will then continue to the United States and Europe. via Soompi