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  1. I can't wait to see what the whole group will do now.
  2. Not the place to say that here. It's only used to ask questions or if you need a thread moved.
  3. Yes you earn bombs by posting and likes are your reputation. @vergie For future reference, please use Inquiries if you have any questions about the forum. This forum here is for questions about BTS, not the actual site.
  4. The new guy is cute once again. Watch me say that for all of them.
  5. Taehyung had so many changes and I wasn't expecting this.
  6. I'm living for his pink hair! It made a comeback.
  7. If there's gonna be one that's 20 then he will be my age which is interesting. I thought all of them were going to be younger than me.
  8. The first member introduced is a cutie. Can't wait to see the others!
  9. Probably for the new group I'm guessing.
  10. Mattel is the same company that did the 1D dolls a while back. I never bought the 1D dolls nor do I see myself buying these, but this is interesting.
  11. Not just BTS only, but I enjoy lankybox who posts BTS videos sometimes.
  12. yes Your obsession other than kpop?
  13. I'm not even surprised anymore by all of this. It's basically obvious by now.
  14. My family knows I like BTS and still don't really understand it, but my mom would buy me BTS stuff. My brother calls them gay which is typical of him as he calls every boy band I listen to that.
  15. Happy New Year everyone!! Hope this year will be good to us.

    1. SeokSeok


      happy new year to you too and all the best wishes for you!:jkiss:

  16. Wow Jimin's voice here is so soft and cute. I love his voice and the song!
  17. In terms of gc I'm always on Discord if some of you have that.