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  1. I have a arsty instagram if anyone wants to follow Caity1898

  2. Hey , I'm Cat I'm an Australian ARMY and I'm 19. I got into bts really quickly after my friend tried to make me like them, but it took me awhile. And then when i did i fell in quick and deap down that bts hole aha, i don't have any bias cause how could you it's so hard. But i do have my bias ships which by my account you could guess my favorite.  Aha :) nice to meet you :jungkook9:

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    2. Jikooktrash98


      Thanks, where is member intro, aha and SA

    3. KookieMochi


      It's right on the main page lmao

      here ya go: https://bangtanbase.com/forum/36-member-introductions/ 

      Just create a new topic in there and everything else should be self-explanatory

    4. Jikooktrash98
  3. Joined the discordd chatt and now trying to figure this thing out aha :D

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    2. KookieMochi


      I getcha, just thought maybe you should know haha. We've a few users who use both but not many, surprisingly.

    3. Jikooktrash98


      Oh okay thanks anyways :)

    4. SeokSeok


      i'm there too but i rarely use it lol

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