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  1. I am so tireddddd.


    I do not like Chemistry very much.


    Please save me. ;;

  2. Jungkook's drawings are very cute! <3 I need to learn from him. ;;
  3. I just realized that I have been a member of this forum for a year exactly! :D

    How exciting!


  4. Oh my goodness! I am sorry I left. >< I will try to be on here more often! 



  5. I am alive, but busy.

    1. KookieMochi


      Please don't overwork yourself! Take care <3

  6. I am so tiredddddd.

    1. SeokSeok


      why are you tired?? are you okay??

    2. Zorbnog
  7. I broke a chair and I pinched a nerve. Plussssss I need to be more active so walp.

  8. Oh my goodness, I have to be more active.

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    2. KookieMochi


      I've been spamming the forum to keep it active but I'm really tired now so :') I might take a break from bbase for a few hours tbh

    3. Zorbnog


      You should rest. >< And you should take frequent breaks too.

    4. KookieMochi


      I should, honestly.

  9. im Dariya ♡ #2932 on discord so friend me if you want <33333 


    1. SeokSeok


      ;-; i have a discord account but idk how to use it so i left it 

    2. Zorbnog


      Aw. ;; That's alright. ^^

  10. Day 4

    "He was a good man, but they hurt him; hurt him very badly."

    He lived a good life, had a successful job, had a wife, and lots of daughters. He was happy.

    Then they took him away and changed him.

    He was at the wrong place at the wrong time and because of that, the Shah arrested him and tortured him with methods I won't even describe.

    They hurt him badly and he never recovered from the torture. He eventually fled Iran when the Shah was being ousted from government.

    When I think about this, I regret crying about every scrape, bruise, or insult I have ever been sad about.

    Because in the end, he was never the same man he was before.


  11. Day 3

    "I was fighting, and I was trying to swim. But just for a second, a simple second, I had given up as I was in that water. And then I gave up completely." -Meredith Grey




    (I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy.)

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    2. Zorbnog


      I've been well but fighting a sinus infection. >< I realized that I need to use the BangtanBase Forum from my school computer too. It's very cold outside and I almost froze my fingers off, but other than that stuff, I am fine.

      The Christmas season is over, and since it is, unfortunately, a depressing time for me, I am feeling better from it.

      Thank you for asking about me. <3

      How have you been?


    3. KookieMochi


      Aww, I hope you're feeling better now! Bundle up and stay warm :")

      oh my god did I forget to send you a Christmas card I'm a horrible person please forgive, Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year! i'm so sorry

      I've been well! Just the usual forum things on my end- came down with the flu a week ago and still suffering for it, but I'm alright.

    4. Zorbnog


      Thanks. ^^ I am feeling better from hearing that! :D

      It's alright! ;; Please don't worryyyyyyy. Merry Belated Christmas and New Year to you as well. <3333

      I am glad you are well and I hope the symptoms of the flu stop. ;;;;