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  1. Time flies so fast... He definitely has grown a lot
  2. In the second picture, he looks like he's advertising it lmao "Uh yeah, I'm selling this vase with flowers in it. Take a good look at it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!"
  3. ohmygoshhelpmepleasethisissuffocatingme YAAS, JIMIN BEING IN GRYFFINDOR
  4. I forgot how to breathe HELP HES SO PRECIOUS AND DEADLY x
  5. That picture of him standing on a platform, it's basically like a prince talking to the people in his kingdom from a balcony on his castle lol THIS PICTURE ] x
  6. @1800baepsaebling OH MY GOSH THANK YOUUU Also, ikr, his eyes just look so adorable when he laughs ^^
  8. If you find more of those gifs do post them here! My gallery is begging to be filled with them!
  9. Ohh man I can't even decide... Both of the options are dangerous for Yoongi. I think so too honestly. "Hoseok"'s been acting really strange... This story though, it's really great, I'm excited to see how it'll turn out.
  10. Holy shet I love Yoongi's outfit, the camo one looks really cool
  11. His laughter... it's so precious and it makes me feel happy. Jimin's expressions are just so... I can't even express it they're way too good
  12. Someone help, Tae is making me question my loyalty to Jimin >.<
  13. Hoseok’s outfit is seriously amazing, it matches with his look and hair, looking at pictures of Hoseok like this is a good way to start the year...
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