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  1. Heyo, I hope you're doing well!


    1. Lin | Army's Unite Germany

      Lin | Army's Unite Germany

      i'm fine~ thank you. I will send you a DM now ^^

  2. I will give bugs a higher prio, that's the reason why I will make the tuto for bugs first and then the shop tuto. Streaming is more impotent than to buy merch. 

  3. It's a little bit late, but happy birthday, Lin :")

  4. since the site choose to delete my work... the tutorial will be delayed for a 5 days cause I'm going on a trip.
  5. What is a Triple Crown A Triple Crown can be won, when the artist won at a music show 3 times in a row. It is possible at 5 of 6 music shows. The only exception is Music Bank. Once an artist got a Triple Crown for a song, the song is not allowed to line up against other artists again and will be banned from the Show. Real Time Charts All streaming services are updating their charts every full hour, therefore we call them the Real Time Charts. I only use MelOn so I just can talk about the thing, that I can take a look at the charts from the last 5 minutes there too. The 5 minute Charts are not really counting for anything. Only the full hours are important. The chart positions are counted with, how many people listened to the song in the last hour. Shortly before the full hour, you can see how the statistic increases a lot in the last 5 minutes, because every fan only has to listen to the song once in an hour. If you listen to the song more often, it won’t count in the charts. (you get the 5 minute chart if you click 5분 [분 = minute]. You will find a picture for the 5 minute charts in the explanation for rooftop walk) Unique Listeners The Unique Listeners are getting determined with how many people streamed the Song in the last 24 hours, once a day. (you find the ULs at the bottom after a big number comes the symbol 명 = person) Rooftop Hit A Rooftop Hit happens, when the song is getting to the top edge of the statistic of the Real Time Chart. Most of the time, this happens directly after the release of the Song and you can see it in the 5 minute charts the most. Rooftop Walk A Rooftop Walk happens, when the rooftop Hit is seen several times in a row. Thereby it forms a flat line at the top edge of the graphic. (this a a picture from the 5 minute chart. You can see on the bottom the time in 5 minutes intervals) iChart iChart is a website, which is adding up all statistics from all streaming services and will be updated every hour. On this site you can see, how Real Time charts, the daily charts and the weekly charts look like. All-Kill An All-Kill (AK) happens, when a Single is on nr. 1 at the 6 biggest streaming services at the same time, in the daily charts. Thank God, Monkey3 (also called FlopMonkey for fun) and Olleh are not included anymore. (the picture for the iChart explanation shows an All-Kill for Spring Day) What is a CAK A CAK (Certified All-Kill) happens, when a Single is nr. 1 in the Real Time charts (at all 6 streaming services) and nr. 1 in the daily charts. (CAK never happend to BTS yet, so i can only provide material from other artists. You can see in the picture from the iChart explanation that spring day is no. 1 on all streaming services, but for daily it says No In) What is a PAK A PAK (Perfect All-Kill) happens, when a Single is nr. 1 in the Real Time Charts (at all 6 streaming services), nr. 1 in the daily charts and nr. 1 in the weekly charts. This is the thing we seek the most. (PAK never happend to BTS yet, so I can only provide material from other artists) Digital Monsters (DigiMon) When we talk about DigiMons in the K-POP world we don’t talk about the Anime. We’re talking about Digital Songs that are incredible strong in the digital charts. They place on the first spot for months sometimes. kworb To get a better survey of the ITune Charts, there is a website with the name kworb ( http://kworb.net/itunes/artist/bts.html ). There you can see all the placings in the ITune Charts on the whole world. Group Order A group order (GO) takes place, when people are buying a lot of physical albums for others. This happens frequently for people, who have difficulties with ordering albums, because the order takes place in a foreign country (no creditcards, minority, and so on)A GO takes place in nearly every country. Especially in China. They wait for the GO for a long time so they get a lot of orders, and then they all are ordering at the same time. You can see that at the statistic from Synnara. (Synnara Graph for orders) Sajaegi This korean word is used if a company bought their own artist album to manipulate the charts. We hope that we don’t have to see this word written by a person for the next comeback. Many fans keep their receipts to prove that the sales are real. I will add german translation later, but since it's coming form my 101 sheet it's already translated. credits: Army's Unite Germany | Lin & Bella
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