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  1. Yes, all the time mostly because I'm a guy, and people around here think that it's weird to listen to K-Pop if you are a guy. I'm really shy and I got bullied a lot in school, and one time I was walking home and listening to my iPod and someone came behind me and grabbed it and that I had it on one of their songs and he was like "BTS? You like those ching-chongs?!" and everyone called me fag, etc. I was also told that I was just being trendy and liked them because they blew up on the scene and supposedly everyone likes them. I listened to K-Pop here and there since 2009 but my family (or anyone) didn't really know or care. It wasn't until BTS got popular in America that my family was like "you like those guys too? But you're a guy!" I haven't met another guy who likes them but I have no problem admitting what I like. People at school never thought i was cool anyway, so I have nothing to lose LOL but I like how I feel when I listen to their music.
  2. What makes a song a "b-side"? Is that a song that they don't really promote or get as much attention?
  3. Oh thank goodness. I'm so lucky to not have tornadoes in my area, but the thought of it scares me, and I'm so glad you're okay!
  4. I always like their songs a gazillion times more after I see the performances lol
  5. It took me about a week. Well, I was basically trying to remember their names and whose name is whose. It wasn't really that they looked alike to me, I just had a hard time getting to know them by name because I was watching so many videos and they were constantly changing hair colors haha. As for voices, it took me a long time to tell J-Hope and Suga's voices apart, but now I can do it easily.
  6. I'm always the only guy in almost everything that I do :$ lol


  7. Love Myself, Magic Shop, Epiphany, all of those are great reminders not to lose courage.
  8. Public speaking is one of the scariest things for me, but I'm glad I got through it. I feel like I can get through anything now LOL. Okay, maybe not. 

    Also, I'm glad that places like this still exist :) . I'm not a huge fan of modern social media. Everything just seems so rushed and disconnected.

    Sometimes I feel homesick for a time that I didn't get to be part of. 

  9. My brother lives a few minutes away from the Rose Bowl, and when I found out that they were going to do a show there, I thought it was the perfect opportunity. So excited for those who do get to go
  10. I keep doing this thing in life where I fall off the face of the earth and then come back only to leave again haha. 

    I need to do better...when it comes to a lot of things.

    But I'm finally in school again. I just completed my first core module and I feel hopeful again. 



    1. g0dhyuna


      ı hope will you be  better

    2. timidshark


      Aww thank you so much :) 

    3. g0dhyuna
  11. I'm so shy. I always feel accomplished when I get through a day :$ haha

  12. Let it go

    Watch it fly

    So beautifully

    So free

    Then I'll know

    What's meant to be

    And what belongs to me 


  13. At the end of October, my brother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. At the end of November, he underwent a major surgery to remove his thyroid. We spent the next several weeks nervously waiting for the pathology report and what's next in his treatment with cancer. He had a lot of cancer in his thyroid, so treatment was most likely a go. I'd consider myself a worrier by nature, but I never worried so much in my life as I did these past several weeks.

    The pathology report came in today,  and we were told that there were no sign of cancer found after the surgery! In other words, harsh treatment isn't necessary as of now. The battle isn't over yet, he has some blood work and body scans scheduled in the future, and will be on medication, but after hearing doubt in the doctor's voice a few weeks ago, to get news like this is a miracle to say the least! 

    I know that there are a lot of hardships to face in life, but in moments like these, I am even more grateful for everything that I have in my life. Life is precious and I'll never forget that. 

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    2. 1800baepsaebling


      @onthebay that's the spirit! You can do it! We can do it! 

    3. timidshark


      @onthebay wow thank you so much for sharing! I will keep you, your mom, and family in my thoughts. Words can't describe the amount of pain and stress we feel, but we are all here to support and love one another. Never forget how strong you are!

    4. onthebay


      @timidshark thank you! all the best for you and your family as well!

  14. I appreciate anyone who has ever taken the time to talk to me. The smallest things mean so much. 

    1. KookieMochi


      Everyone deserves a listening ear, if not comfort when needed. You're okay.

  15. I discovered that my English teacher goes to the same Planet Fitness as I do. I saw her working out in a sports bra and spanx :jhope1:, and I ran the opposite way. She caught me running and yelled "HI, CAMDEN, I HOPE YOU FINISHED YOUR HOMEWORK!" and I tried to improvise by jogging around the area and waving hello to her.